Thursday, July 16, 2009

6 months!

With all that's been going on, I'm a little late in posting this. But, she just had her 6 month check up yesterday, so really I'm right on schedule. :)

It's been a busy, busy month for Miss Summer! Besides being a jet-setter, she's had lots of firsts.

First pigtails! I am SO in love with her piggies. She looks like a little girl now!

First time sitting up alone! I think the contour of the sand helped here a little, but she does sit on more sturdier surfaces as well. When she's not being lazy.

First bonfire! Not a fan of the smoke. Who can blame her?

First time eating food! Rice cereal...mmmm....She likes it, I think. We'll be moving on to the harder stuff next veggies.

Current stats:

Weight: 13 pounds flat. Puts her in the 3rd percentile. I feed her, honest I do.
Length: 24 3/4". 12th percentile. Still vertically challenged.

Could this child be any smaller? Doc says she's not underweight, she's just "petite". Hey she's healthy, that's all that matters right? So what if my back and arms are secretly glad she's a midget in training?

She still hates tummy time. She does not roll at all. But she loves to stand. I'd bet she'd stand all day if she could. She's not loving her Bumbo as much anymore, but is enjoying spending time on her farm exersaucer. She's going to have quite the green thumb, I can tell.

She is so fun to be around and has been an absolute joy to raise. I can't believe she's half a year already!

We love you, Summer bug!


Wes said...

Happy 6 months, Summer! She is dang cute and sounds like just a blast.

It's already hard to remember how a 6 month old is, but we'll be getting our refresher course here pretty soon.

Jessica said...

I told you pig tails would totally rock on her!

You should also celebrate half birthdays!

Happy half birthday Summer!!!!

Yours, Mine, &, Crazy Daisy said...

Erin (my little Summer stalker) and I saw the piggies on Sunday and were delighted! So cute...that suit her sweet little face! Happy .5, Summer!

Ashley C. said...

what a cute little peanut!

Emmy said...

Such a cute little thing! Her eyes truly are the best. And hey, at least she is in the lower percentiles for both weight and height.. more balanced that way.

Lara said...

Dang, I think my last baby CAME OUT bigger than she currently is!
(okay, I'm lying, but close!)
She's so precious! And I am highly jealous of the pigtails. I couldn't give those to Em until she was four!

Celine + Cameron said...

I love the pig tails! She's so cute! :)

vanessa said...

I don't think Avery (my baldy) had pigtails until she was like 19 months! Go Summer! You know what I love for doing kids hair is detangling spray. Suave has a kids one that smells like apples and I'm using a Johnson & Johnson one I like. It works better than water and it's not sticky like hairspray. Then I spray it on the piggies after they're done and shape them into little curled tails. So fun!

Kori and Brad said...

Karen - your blog is fantastic! I found it through Lanni's page and have been a secret addict ever since. Your little girl is adorable! I had to come out of hiding and tell you :)

Anonymous said...

is that really you in the second pic?
i dont remember them being so big.