Saturday, July 18, 2009


Being in Utah was so nice. You forget just how blue the sky gets, just how nice it gets in the evening. It's very refreshing. We were able to squeeze in a trip to see Scott, who has recently shrunk several sizes. Summer loved meeting her Uncle Scott, who wasted no time in teaching her how to do the really important things in life. Like playing Jeopardy on Playstation.

Summer loved seeing BYU's campus, and even insisted on looking for a place to live, even though we kept reminding her she still had about 18 or so years to go.

We hit up Cafe Rio, and Summer seemed to like it just as much. Atta girl! (As a side note, I have been very disappointed in Cafe Rio the past couple times I've been. Turns out, I was getting the wrong thing. I used to get the chicken, but thought I was getting the pork, so when I got the pork, I didn't like it. I'm back to chicken and all is right in the world.)

She didn't even seem to mind when her mom was acting like a fool trying to do mastering the moonwalk in the restaurant.

Also, I should mention we had Cafe Rio with Nikki & Spencer and James. I was hoping to see little Miles, but no such luck. :( Still, had a great time with them.

We got to see our friends John & Ashley and their models adorable children. Yes, Ruby is a doll, and is sitting up beautifully while my child lounges back upon a pillow. Heaven forbid she exert any energy.

We also managed to hit up Tucano's and Jamba Juice, and I went to Del Taco and 7-11 for a Slurpee while Derrick had an exlusive siblings-only dinner at Rodizio. I'm pretty sure my meal was better. :)

It was sad to leave, but also very exciting because we knew we could sleep in our own beds that night!


Ashley C. said...

Ruby was just over-compensating for the hair jealousy that she was feeling. We were so happy you guys stopped by! Come back quick!

Samantha said...

How cute. I totally want to take our kid/kids back to BYU sometime. Although how much is there really to do except reminisce? And is that spelled right? I sure hope so.

So in these pictures it looks like she has the prettiest like auburn hair- so lovely. And I am SO JEALOUS you can put her hair in pigtails already. I couldn't put Z's hair in pigtails until a few months ago!!

Scott said...

Were you on a glass airplane with that Scott person? It looks like the sky behind him.

Lindsey said...

I read this post and I started craving Cafe Rio. I love the pictures of Summer. She looks so old now! She looks like a little woman with those pigtails!

Ligia said...

pigtails? already? Madeleine's jealous! Can't believe how big she's getting.