Tuesday, August 04, 2009


So I have to get this form signed with a "Signature Guarantee". Not a notary, not a dinky stamp, but a Signature Guarantee. It has to be done pretty quickly or these so called "assets" I have will be turned over to the State. I went to five, FIVE banks today and not a single one could do it for one reason or another. That's FIVE TIMES unloading and loading Summer and her car seat into my car, which has NO automatic locks. One bank I went to was in Pick N Save, so I picked up a couple things while I was in there and saw the soda machine. 25 cents a can. A cream soda sounded AMAZING right about then so I go and pop my quarter in and guess what. SOLD OUT. Could this day be going any better?

By now Summer is fussing because she's hungry AND crazy constipated and I'm a big crabby patty.

I get home and check the mail and the Mail Gods must have known I needed a pick-me-up because waiting for me were the new catalogs for IKEA and Crate & Barrel. Ahh.

Now if I just had that soda, I'd be set.


Sarah said...

I would be pretty annoyed myself. It's not easy having to do all of that running around when you have a 7 month in tow!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't trust any bank located inside of a Pick N Save, let alone trust a shiny new quarter to a soda machine inside of a Pick N Save. You should know better...branbury what!?