Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Big Easy

We went to New Orleans this past weekend to see the BYU/Tulane football game. We met up with the O’Neill’s and Scott and had ourselves a good time, as usual.


  • The FOOD
  • The architecture
  • The FOOD
  • BYU winning 54-3
  • The FOOD
  • The boys saw a few sets of boobies
  • Did I mention the FOOD?
  • Summer got her first set of beads. And no flashing necessary!


  • It rained ALL weekend
  • A teething Summer up a LOT during the night, which wouldn’t be too bad except we were sharing a room with Scott and I felt really bad for him.

The food was great for me. For Derrick, who’s allergic to shellfish, not so great. We ate at The Napoleon House, NOLA (one of Emeril’s restaurants…amazing!), Deanie’s, Cafe du Monde (MULTIPLE times), and Remoulade. Look, I took pictures of everything we ate! Red beans and rice, po-boys, muffalettas, gumbo, jambalaya, shrimp and grits, and beignets. A dozen beignets, at least. We went everyday for breakfast, and sometimes we went back again during the day. Delicious fried little donuts of goodness. With about a pound of powdered sugar on each order of 3. I brought back boxes of the mix so I can keep on eatin’.


It rained all weekend, which sucked royally. Especially since we walked everywhere we went. New Orleans, despite it’s amazing food and music, is a dirty, filthy town. Katrina knew what she was doing when she tried to wipe it out. It’s just old. And dirty. And gross. Mostly just Bourbon St., but I wasn’t too impressed with the rest of it either. Bourbon St. is Satan’s lair, mos def. Strip club after strip club after bar after bar. We saw our fair share of girls in their underwear dancing on the sidewalks trying to lure in customers. We heard our fair share of drunk people puking in the bushes. Sirens all night long. Tons of cops and safety officers out at all times. It was ridiculous and disgusting. But at the same time, I was kind of loving it. Shhh….don’t tell.

zDSC_3491zDSC_3467zDSC_3336zDSC_3333zDSC_3327zDSC_3461zDSC_3321zDSC_3295 copyzDSC_3307DSC_3394DSC_3438

The game was fun. There was hardly anyone there. We pretty much sat wherever we wanted. At the end there were almost no Tulane fans left. Scott actually counted them. 869. Pathetic. Summer got to meet Cosmo, which I was happy about. And isn’t she just the cutest little cheerleader???

 DSC_3522 DSC_3507 DSC_3502  zDSC_3585zDSC_3568zDSC_3550zDSC_3500

We walked into a shop and the shop owner just started gushing over Summer and insisted on giving her something. So she picked out a string of pink beads with pink duckies on it that squeak. Summer wasn’t quite sure what to make of them.

zDSC_3353zDSC_3260 copy        zDSC_3370 zDSC_3366 zDSC_3356 zDSC_3322      DSC_3476

Despite the crappy weather, we had a good time. Scott did mention that it was probably the first trip together where we didn’t eat at The Cheesecake Factory. We’ll make up for it next time, I’m sure!

Ra, ra, ra-ra-ra, ra, ra, ra-ra-ra, ra, ra, ra-ra-ra, goooooo COUGARS!


Emmy said...

Sounds like a great trip, besides all the rain and mostly naked women. Yeah, I have heard it makes Sin city look pretty moral sometimes.
I am very jealous that you were at the game. We will be going to the BYU vs. San Diego State game.. but it would have been fun to be there.

DeAnn said...

At least the game was inside so that didn't get ruined. Yeah, NOLA is old, dirty, gross, scary and fascinating all at the same time. My poor sister & fam have to live there. :) Go cougars!!

Yours, Mine, &, Crazy Daisy said...

what else does a man need? just kidding!


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