Sunday, September 06, 2009

Mascot envy

Derrick was in Dallas yesterday for the BYU/Oklahoma game and sent me this picture:derrickandgrinch He knew I would have LOVED this opportunity to take a picture with the Grinch (who happened to be the hotel’s mascot…weird….) so he took one in my behalf. What a guy! It’s taken with his Blackberry so it’s not the greatest quality, but it totally made my day.

BYU won and while I didn’t watch it I heard it was an amazing game. I’ve got it on the DVR though and I’m excited to see it.

Meanwhile, I was having a blast with Linda and Jessica and Miranda, watching a movie, doing our nails, and shoving our faces with delicious food. Afterwards, we started watching dance videos on YouTube and I shared my desire to learn the worm dance. Jessica and her smooth ways picked it up right away while I was flopping around on the floor doing belly flops. We were all cracking up. BUT…..I DID IT! Never have I felt so proud. I’ve been trying to do this for soooo long.

We were all seriously laughing so hard we joked that Linda would go into labor from it.

Well…..SHE DID!!!! Her water broke around 3 and now she’s in the hospital! At least she has perfectly painted nails!

And she totally owes us. :)


Emmy said...

That is pretty funny. Hope all goes well with her delivery.
And yes it was an AMAZING game!!!!

Jessica said...

Oh what a night, in late sept back in 2009....well early sept. That was an awesome girls night. I love laughing that hard, we should for sure practice up for Thriller for halloween!!! bring it on karen..5..6..7..8.

Lara said...

Chad was there too--he has a pic with TY DETMER. And he got a personalized, signed football from him.

If I wasn't married to him I'd be supremely jealous. :-D

Ashley C. said...

love the mascot pics. keep them coming.