Monday, January 04, 2010

Christmas Card

I did my best to update my address book and get these out in time for Christmas. I only got one sent back to me (Whitni P… address please!) And Lanni…I need your address again.

Still, if you didn’t get one, please don’t be offended. If you’d like to be on the prestigious Christmas card list, (and who doesn’t?) drop me a line with your address.

As I was looking at our Christmas tree, which holds all of the Christmas cards we’ve received, I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed at the number of great friends and family members we have. We truly have been blessed to know so many amazing people. And I love to receive your cards and letters and watch everyone’s kids grow. One of my favorite parts about the holiday season!

So, here is our card and letter, in case you missed it!

(Yes, I made it!)

2009 Christmas Card

2009 was a year of many new and exciting changes for us! We started out the New Year with a stay in the local hospital with the birth of our daughter Summer. She will turn 1 on January 2 and we are still trying to figure out where this past year has gone! She is always ready to give you a wave and a smile, and while she is not crawling or walking yet, she has turned into a champion roller.

This past August marked our 5 year anniversary living in Milwaukee, officially making it the place Karen has lived the longest in her ENTIRE LIFE. To celebrate, Derrick bought her a house! Yes, after 5 years of cramming all of Karen’s craft supplies in an apartment she now has her own ROOM dedicated solely to crafting and sewing.

Karen, when not covering something with glitter, spends her days with Summer, and works the occasional shift at the hospital in the evenings.

Derrick continues to work for Kohl’s in the buying offices and has returned to the Team Apparel office. His day is now a seamless blur of sports at work to sports at home. He’s tried to convince Karen that watching sports at home is “work”, but she’s not buying it.

We hope that you have been blessed as much as we have this year. We love this time of year (except for the subzero temperatures) and enjoy reflecting on our Savior and the true meaning of Christmas. May you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!


Derrick, Karen & Summer


Emmy said...

Cute card and sounds like a good year. So fun to have a craft room!

The Lemler Clan said...

"Karen's Krafting Kave"

wackywilsons said...

I did get a card and loved it!

what projects are you doing around the house? I am anxious to see them!

Melissa said...

I love your card! You are all so beautiful! I hope you have a fantastic new year!