Thursday, January 14, 2010

Once bitten, twice shy.

Summer bit me last night. I don’t think she realized she did it. All I know is that she looked like a vampire and my poor boobie was the victim.

I’ve been meaning to wean her for for awhile. She just sped the process waaaay up.


I tried to find a picture for something interesting to look at, but my searches for “blood”, “blood vampire”, and “bloody boob” provides less than family-friendly images. Instead, I leave you with the Great White classic, whose song inspired the title of this post.


Emmy said...

Yes when they starting biting and are over a year, definitely time to be done.

Amy North said...

She JUST started biting and she is over a year??? My gosh, you're lucky. My kids started biting between 6 and 8 months. Wow. Yah, time to wean. Ow (just thinking about it).

Caitlin said...

How ironic. Mason earned himself a one-way ticket to bottleville two nights ago. He has been biting me since he started cutting teeth, but it was the last straw when he drew blood. I'm about to get graphic -- now the wound pumps blood when I use the good old hand-crank. The joys of motherhood :)

Samantha said...

Oh Amy and Caitlin I feel for you. My 5 month old doesn't have teeth yet, but when my now 2.5 year old was like 7 months she bit me. I know Karen I can't believe she didn't bite you until now! You're lucky! Zara bit me once and my first reaction was to slap her face. I felt terrible but she didn't bite again for a long time. Then she did bite again and drew blood and every time she'd nurse her teeth would dig into the SUCKED. So I would pump until it got better. I kind of flicked her that time too and she didn't bite again. FLICK AWAY Karen, FLICK AWAY.