Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cough, cough, wheeze, wheeze

That’s what my sweet little Summer sounds like these days. It all started with a runny nose, which I thought was teething related, and now she sounds like a smoker on her dying bed, hacking and coughing and wheezing. It’s so sad.

Monday night we took her to Urgent Care because she was breathing really fast and working really hard to do it. We got there at 8:30 pm. They did a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia and aspiration (it was clear) and gave her a nebulizer treatment. (They put her in a pediatric gown for the x-ray…talk about the saddest thing you’ve ever seen…a baby in a mini hospital gown!!!) It helped for a little but then she was coughing again. So…they sent us to Children’s Hospital. We got the hospital at 11 pm, Summer now being awake for 13 hours straight, and stuck us in a room to wait. And wait. Meanwhile I’m trying to be Practical Nurse and not Emotional Wreck Mom. We get Miss First Year Resident Idiot who pretty much does nothing. Gotta love teaching hospitals. The nurse comes back and gives her another nebulizer treatment and we wait some more. Finally the attending MD comes in (thank goodness) and says she has bronchiolitis/RSV. They send us home with an inhaler of albuterol for her and we get home around 2 am. It was a rough night to say the least.

A follow-up appointment yesterday with her pediatrician confirmed the diagnosis and she got another nebulizer. She still sounds terrible, coughing and wheezing, and her nose constantly runs, but she is still as happy as ever, crawling around and getting into messes. She is a little more clingy, which is understandable, I just wish she could tell me exactly what’s hurting her or how I can help her.

I hate viruses. Seriously, what is their purpose? To cause hate and discontent, mostly. I hate having to “wait it out” until it “runs its course”. What a bunch of malarky.

In the meantime we’ve just been stuck inside, covered in about a foot of snow we got yesterday, trying to stay sane. Our days consist of sleeping, eating, playing, sucking boogers out. Rinse and repeat.

Hopefully we can kick this sucker quick and get on with our lives!


Emmy said...

So sorry! That really is the worst. Sure makes you appreciate when they are healthy.

Yours, Mine, &, Crazy Daisy said...

hang in there. I got sent to Children's for Rayna a few years ago after the guy at community basically told me he had no idea what was wrong with her.

Anonymous said...

Viruses are part of the conspiracy that allows governments to run our lives. If you only ate what came out of your own garden and boiled all of the water you drink, you would be healthy as a horse.

Don't hate the player, hate the game

Samantha said...

Oh man. I'm so sorry. It honestly is like the hardest time as a parent when your kid is sick. I do so poorly with that. I am very lucky Zara barely ever gets sick and I hope Clive is the same, but she has been pretty sick a few times and it was so hard! Keep us updated on Summer!