Tuesday, February 09, 2010

One year closer…

…to the dirty thirty!

Sunday was my birthday, the big 2-9! It’s always kind of weird day when my birthday falls on a Sunday,with the whole going-to-church thing and all, but it ended on a good note with a Super Bowl party at my good friend Linda’s. I like to think all of America was having a party just for me, too. :)

I was definitely spoiled this year. My parents sent me an amazing Paula Deen copper-bottomed cookware set, which I looove. It’s light years better than my old set, (which my mom bought for me, incidentally) I got when I left for college. Oh….10 years ago! Maybe I’m just a dork, but cooking with nice things makes it more fun. And maybe even taste better?? I love food.

A bunch of my friends surprised me with gifts, which I was definitely not expecting. They must all know me really well, because they were all related to either scents, cooking, crafts, or games. All my favorite!! Not to brag, but I seriously have the best friends ever.

And my biggest surprise was from Derrick….an iPod Touch! I’m already so in love with this little gadget it’s ridiculous. I thought I was getting a fondue pot, so I was completely surprised. (And while my sweet husband always gives great gifts, he’s not always so stellar in the surprise department. And he knows I love surprises!) So he did sooo great, and thanks also to Scott who was his little partner in crime in making it happen! Derrick also baked me a cake (Rainbow Chip! Yum!) and everyone sang to me during half time.

(Thanks to Linda for the picture!)DSC_0383Saturday night we got a babysitter and hit the town. Dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and the movie When in Rome. I loved both.

Thanks to everyone who called/texted/facebooked! I had a great day thanks to all of you. And especially to Derrick who always does a great job of making me feel special. Hey, I didn’t change one diaper all day! Score!


Emmy said...

I totally agree, nice pots does make cooking more fun!

And it truly does cook food better and more evenly.

And I said it before, but have to say it again, yeah for the iPod touch!!!

Scott said...

I love Derrick's shirt. Too bad he doesn't have very many Bullysports shirts.

Lara said...

Happy Birthday!!! You are going to love the iPod Touch. It's like, the BEST invention, ever! You'll have 8473648 apps on that baby in no time!!!