Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day of Looooove

I love Valentine’s Day. I love red and pink and hearts and chocolate and conversation hearts. I really just love the month of February, minus the weather. My birthday, V-day, Winter Olympics every 4 years, all good things.

Check out my sweet glittered letters. I’m obsessed with Martha Stewart’s glitters, and will find a reason to glitter anything. They were all out of “L’s” at Hobby Lobby so I had to improvise and spell “love” in Spanish instead. :)


Cupid visited our house and left us such fun surprises. (Side note: in Derrick’s family, the “Valentine Man” visited their house leaving treats and gifts. I have a hard time calling a fictitious Valentine’s person the “Valentine Man.” I don’t know why. Perhaps because it sounds super lame. Or maybe because it’s never a man that leaves the stuff around here…) I digress….

Summer opened up her Dora book from Grandma Callister, and was more interested in the crinkly paper. Surprise, surprise.


Then she opened up the surprises Cupid left her: books, crayons, a soft koala bear Pez dispenser, and her very own Lucky Charms chap stick. No more sucking on mom’s!


She gave dad her gift to him, which was a vintage BYU window hanger. He also got a vintage BYU clock from me to help decorate our Cougar Den. Slowly but surely!


I got an electric fondue pot, which I’ve been wanting for awhile. We broke it right in that very night and had our traditional Valentine’s Day dinner of fondue. Sooo delicious. We even had chocolate fondue for dessert.   

Hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day! While we should always tell the people we love them everyday, it’s fun to have a day dedicated solely to love and telling your loved ones that you love them even MORE!


DeAnn said...

There was a BYU potty chair advertised on facebook--have you seen that?!

Lee Anne said...

Chapstick comes in a Lucky Charms flavor?

Emmy said...

She is so cute!

And sounds like a lot of great gifts. A fondue pot would be so fun!!

Team Russi said...

Cute pictures! The fondue pot sounds like a great family gift. Fun!

Samantha said...

1) Zara has that same shirt, bigger size. The pink tree one.
2) Summer is getting prettier and prettier. Auburn hair and everything. It looks auburn to me, is it?

wackywilsons said...

She has such a perfect complexion and those blue them.

Yes, the Valentine man sounds kinda creepy....good change.