Monday, March 01, 2010

It’s in the bag

Tomorrow we’re going to sunny (although ugly) Phoenix. Temps in the 70’s, here we come!! For a whole week. Can’t wait!

This is Summer’s first flight being mobile and not nursing. Should be interesting. I hope she behaves herself! We’re not taking her car seat since my BIL has one for us to use and I didn’t want to take our huge stroller so we got a small umbrella stroller. And because I’m so anal about keeping it nice, even though it was only $40, I wanted to make a case for it, like the one I made for our other stroller. 

Friday night at Kohl’s I found this weird tablecloth that had a hole in the middle and a zipper from the edge to the hole. After inspecting it for awhile I realized it was for a patio table with an umbrella. Good idea, right?DSC_6093 It was $3.99 marked down for $39.99! Plus our discount, it was way cheaper than buying fabric. Plus, free zipper included! I snatched it right up and knew it would be perfect for a bag.

So during naptime today I whipped this bad boy up. Easy peasy. And I love it. And now our stroller won’t get wet and nasty as it sits on the tarmac. And I feel like a sewing badass because I came up with it all by myself. :)

DSC_6095 DSC_6094


Emmy said...

I am impressed and in awe of your mad dog skills :)

Have fun in the sun

Melissa said...

You are truly amazing! I am in awe of your badassness!!!

Nicholas said...

sewing badass, love it

Jessica said...

You are quite the bad-A Miss Karen.