Thursday, March 25, 2010

What we’ve been up to lately

March has indeed seen it’s share of Madness around here! We’ve been trying to keep busy, while at the same time trying to stay healthy. Summer was diagnosed with her first ear infection this week as well as a sinus infection and is now on a healthy dose of antibiotics. I’ve been battling a sore throat/runny nose combo for awhile now. Cold? Allergies? Who knows.

We had a super warm week last week and it almost felt like Spring with temps in the high 60’s!! Living in WI, of course, we know better than to get our hopes up, and sure enough, it snowed on Saturday.

I’ve been busy putting up Easter decorations and making new ones. Oh, and eating Easter candy. Crackbury Mini Eggs are sooo addicting. And Reese’s Eggs. Yum.

I bought these Easter letters at Hobby Lobby with the intent to paint and glitter them. (Of course!) But instead I decided to paint and cover them with scrapbook paper I already had. It was a good comprise, as the paper is glittered. :) (And look at that…watching Martha!)DSC_6506

And once I saw this banner over at MADE I knew I had to make it myself. Super quick and easy. I love that they’re marshmallow bunny look-a-likes. Too cute. And check out the finished letters.


I also got these plain wooden flowers at HL and painted them. I was going to glitter them, but I didn’t have the right colors and I was feeling too cheap to buy them at the moment. Derrick said “thanks.”

DSC_6513I also made a wreath out of lima beans--it’s super cute but I haven’t taken a picture of it yet. It’s spray painted orange and I plan to spray paint it a different color for each season.

We’ve been actively engaged in watching March Madness basketball as well. My bracket is doing pretty well, but since I picked Kansas (along with the rest of the free world) it will no doubt start to suffer. Summer’s is doing HORRIBLY. I chose her picks based on if the teams had the same letters in their names as “Summer”. Turning out to be not the greatest strategy. She was also rather upset when BYU lost in the 2nd round, as you can clearly see here:

DSC_6490Poor thing—already getting her dad’s bad habits about BYU wins and losses.

Other than that, we are just cruising right along. We find out what we’re having on MONDAY! That sure went quick. Although, I always said we would start painting the kids’ bedrooms once we found out, and now it’s here and I’m still not sure what colors I want to do. My mind is always changing. I’ve also got quite the bump rocking—I should post a picture.

Anyone else think Idol is a huge snoozefest this year?

That’s a wrap!


Anonymous said...

Idol totally bogs this year...and Kara is a nut job trying waaaay to hard to fill Paula's shoes...

Summer's sad face is too cute. Bring on the bump


Melissa said...

Those letters are adorable. I have like that that say "Family". You are SO crafty. I wish I was. Those are my two favorite Easter candies, too! Love, love, love them! Summer is adorable! And please, post some pictures of your belly :)

amy said...

perhaps i should have read this post first, then those adorable bunnies wouldn't have been so eye-catching in the other post :)

Lindsey said...

I love the Easter crafts-especially those peeps, those are awesome!

I totally think Idol is boring this season. No one is that good or exciting.

Lara said...

Zzzzzzzz..oh, what? what? I'm sorry...IDOL put me to sleep...

Ah, yes, the ups and downs of happiness being directly related to the success of the BYU teams...gotta love it!

WHAT BUMP? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? WHERE IS IT?? It looks like you just ate a hamburger or something!!! I kind of hate you, now.

Love the Easter Decs!

Yours, Mine, &, Crazy Daisy said...

I kind of hate you, too (in a jealous-cuz-you're-just-so-adorable way) AND I think this season of Idol is actually the best yet. Love the fact that there are some different types of singers and most of them are good---in my opinion, anyway!