Friday, March 19, 2010

Our little leprechaun

This is a couple days late, but oh well. We had a good St. Patrick’s Day, even though Derrick wasn’t around for most of it. (Don’t worry, I sent him to work with mint brownies with little shamrock sprinkles, recipe courtesy of Our Best Bites.) We dressed in green, of course, and a sneaky little leprechaun dyed our milk green!

It was a gorgeous day so we went to McD’s for a Shamrock Shake and then hit up the park to play for a bit. And hey, how long has McD’s been making their shakes so gourmet looking??? Whipped cream and a cherry??? Last St. Patrick’s Day (which is probably the last time I ordered a milkshake from McD’s) it was just in a regular cup. Either way, it was delicious. Of course, Summer loved it and tried to steal it from me.

We had Irish Lamb Stew and Irish Soda Bread for dinner, which were both rather tasty. I don’t have very many green decorations, so of course I had to make some. Check out these letters:


Making these letters is kind of an addiction for me. Derrick says pretty soon we’ll have the whole alphabet in random colors. Probably so! I made these while Maria was painting the Y.

And here’s a shot of the little leprechaun that indeed causes much mischief lately, always getting into things. She’s got some big ole’ molars coming in these days, so she’s a little more clingy than usual, a little more runny nose than usual, and a lot more diaper rash than usual. She still smiles and tells everyone she sees “hi” multiple times, so I’ll take it!



Emmy said...

We all wore green... that was about it :)

Melissa said...

Very, very impressive Karen! I love those letters and want to know how you made it. Adorable!!!

Sara and Brian said...

why is summer practically naked? isn't it like 5 below zero there? what a horrible mother you are! :)

wackywilsons said...

The fact that you are doing the leprechaun tradition with a one year old is fantastic...I am barely doing it with a 4 and 6 year old! Way to go mama.

Lara said...

Awww, you just want to eat her right up! So cute!