Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Y ask Y?

This past weekend Maria, my old roommate from BYU came to visit me! She lives in the Seattle area with her husband and 2 boys, and her husband Skyler was nice enough to stay home and let her come solo! Our main objective was to create a painting of the BYU logo for our basement. So we set out right away to get that done. We (she) used an overhead projector to trace the logo onto a canvas and then she used acrylic paint to finish it. I think it looks amazing!



We also managed to squeeze in a really fun Friday Fish Fry, complete with polka band. We had to wait for awhile, seeing as how it was Friday AND Lent, but it was worth it! We also hit up Five Guys Burgers and pretty much ate the whole weekend.

Maria is one of the kindest persons I know. She is always so quick to find the good in people. She never runs out of things to talk about and is just a fun person to be around. She’ll also quickly take care of any stray candy you may have laying around. ;) I’m so lucky to have had her as a roommate and to still consider her one of my very best friends! Love you Maria!



Emmy said...

That is awesome! Totally looks like it should be store bought.

So nice that she was able to come visit

Lyana said...

Go Cougs!! Wow, she is very creative! And you are just a fabulous host, that's why people come to visit you:)
For some reason no one wants to come see us here:( just my mom, but that doesn't count.

Lara said...

I need one of those for MY basement!

Melissa said...

That turned out awesome! So clever! Can she come here and do one for BSU? :)

Yours, Mine, &, Crazy Daisy said...

That logo looks awesome

Nick B

Miriam said...

How did you get your hands on a projector?? Turned out great.

Maria said...

Thanks for having me. It was a blast and relaxing at the same time, think I left 10lbs heavier. :)