Wednesday, May 19, 2010


We have all been sick for like a week, which blows. Hence the lack of blogging. We have been trying to keep busy though, despite the sniffles and coughs.

We hit up a town-wide rummage sale this weekend and scored some sweet deals, including the popular turtle sandbox and a charcoal smoker and a white Christmas tree! (Our Christmas tree count is now up to 4, and Derrick is starting to get concerned. But whatever, you can never have enough trees, right???)DSC_6938

We had an oh-so-fun-near-basement-flooding event on Thursday. Those are always exciting. Luckily our friend Greg agreed to stop by and check things out and as usual, saved the day for us. For some reason our sump pump just never turned on. Jerk. But it’s all good, we caught it early, thanks to an impromptu tour of our basement to the missionaries from our church. Nothing was damaged, thankfully. Just a late night of sopping up water and praying the sump pump kept pumping. Which it did.

It’s hard to believe my due date is 3 months from today. Time is cruising. A little too fast for my liking. But sometimes not fast enough. I’ve been in constant pain for about a month, which sucks. My bones just hurt, and if I do anything even remotely resembling something active, I for sure pay for it that night. My back, my bones, everything. It feels like someone is pulling my pelvis apart. I remember feeling this way with Summer, but I don’t remember it happening this early. Either way, I feel suuuuper lame that I can’t even take a long walk without being in tons of pain. And because I’m not as active as I was with Summer, I’m gaining more weight, and just feeling fat and not so much pregnant, and will probably be overdue since I’m not moving around as much. I just hate feeling like I can’t do anything without paying for it. But I really try not to complain, because it is such a blessing to even BE pregnant, you know?

To top it all off, Summer is fighting her naps. Again. I think she’s probably ready to move to just one nap, but we just need to figure out when it needs to happen. Because lately she’s taken short morning naps then refused her afternoon nap, and girlfriend just CANNOT go that long without sleeping. She is a Grade A CRAB. Really, it’s probably more frustrating for me because I need my afternoon nap and I can’t sleep if she’s not sleeping!!

BUT….it was like 79 today!! Beautiful day. Soooo ready for Summer to be here! I planted some Hostas that I got from a friend at church and it was just so nice to be outside. I showed Summer a worm and she wanted nothing to do with it. Ha. She would just rather eat the dirt instead.

Hopefully something exciting happens soon so I have better blogging material!


Jessica said...

I'm so sad to hear you're not feeling well :( that stinks. I was just admiring your Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker below this post for the second time and wishing that my lovely husband was as good at gifts as yours...maybe someday he'll catch on. It was oh so beautiful today!

Linda said...

I had the same pelvis pain. I got this hip brace: It helped sooo much (until I got too fat for it). It will all go away in 3 months anyway! Sorry, I feel your pain.

E.F.G. said...

the turtle sandbox is a treasure. good find. if derrick knew what a mess flocking a tree was, i'd hug the white one you found. i'm sure cindy has at least 3 christmas trees.

"pulling my pelvis apart" what a good description. i explained it as being kicked pelvis...maybe a bit too graphic. once during month 8 i ran to catch the can imagine. sorry you're hurting.

wackywilsons said...

Isaac is down to one nap, at least it's a good one and then I put him down by 7pm..those afternoons get LOOONG!

Seena said...

Being pregnant with #2 was way harder than I thought it would be! I always felt about 3 weeks ahead of where I felt with the first pregnancy. When Caleb went to 1 nap, he was sleeping 8 to 8, had lunch around noon, and napped between 1-4. Not usually the full 3 hours, but it was sure nice when he did, especially when I was pregnant so I could take a nap, and maybe clean a bathroom or something too!

Courtney said...

So sorry to hear you are feeling crumby. At least it is getting nice out so maybe you can buy a nice chaise lounger to rest and let Summer play outside in her awesome sandbox. Can't believe the baby will be here excited! We have to get together soon and let our little ladies play together. We are always happy to come your way and we are also making an area in our backyard for a sandbox and playhouse (fence installed now, yipee). Let me know when you are free.