Friday, May 21, 2010

Minivan envy??

I am not a car person. For growing up in a mechanic family (both sides!) I could really care less about cars. I mean, I know how to change my own oil if I had to and I can and have changed both my own and others’ flat tires on the side of the highway before, so I know about cars I just don’t care about them. I mean, hello! I drive a light purple ‘98 Corolla for heaven’s sake! Plus, my family never drove new cars, so I guess I just never cared about what we drove. Oh, and I drove a blue ‘84 Chevette…even more proof! That thing had one external radio speaker that sat on the floor and would roll back and forth if I took a turn too sharply. We’re talking high class here! But I didn’t care…it got me around! (Plus, it was free! Thanks Dad!)

In fact, one of the worst dates I ever went on was to a car show. I think my disdain for automobiles started then probably. First off, I thought it was a date, but I think my date, *Brian, thought it was more of a “hang out”. You know, the infamous BYU Hang Out. It started out well enough with dinner at a sushi place in Salt Lake. (I do have to credit Brian for turning me on to sushi and always taking me out for some.)

We get to the Salt Palace where the car show was with the other couple we were with and it was like I disappeared. The dudes and even the other girl on our date were sooo into the cars and obsessing over them. Talk about worshipping idols! Don’t get me wrong…I definitely have things I idolize too, so I’m in no way judging or anything, I’m just saying cars aren’t my thing, and it was zero fun for me to watch people drool over cars. So we walked around and around forever, and all I remember was Brian saying how now he needed a new Audi to replace the one he had.

Brian and I never really developed into anything. Never kissed, nothing. Oh, did I mention I met him online? Not the first either…but that’s a whole other post!

Anyway, the whole point of this is that the other day I saw a new Honda Odyssey in the parking lot at Wal-Mart and loved it. It was black, with dark tint, and clean, and looked so sharp. I wanted one. I wanted the extra seating, the sliding doors, the extra room, the not having to bend to put kids in.


And then I realized I just lusted after a minivan. I mean, who does that? What’s next? Mom Jeans?? Short haircuts? Purses with pictures of my kids on the side?

I shudder to think.





*Name has been changed to protect the guilty.


amy said...

I LOVED our Honda Odyssey!!

Yours, Mine, &, Crazy Daisy said...

I lusted over Honda Odyssey's, too, but ended up with a Montana (oh well!). Yes...I think I see Mom Jeans in your future! ;D


DeAnn said...

Mini vans rock.

Oh and your "date" reminds me of the movie we saw--that poor girl and her food obsessed fiance.

The Lemler Clan said...

HA HA HA! I had the HARDEST time admitting I drove a minivan. Still do! If you show up to church and you and Summer are wearing matching outfits and pictures of your kids on your purse, I will start to worry.

Patten Family said...

Finally, you've joined the Minivan Envy Club. No more picking on the Pattens now!

Cynthia said...

I really liked this post. And I'm looking forward to your future post on meeting people on the internet. I can't wait.

Courtney said...

It is not sad to lust over a minivan. I think everyone always thinks there is NO WAY they will ever own a minivan (that was us once) but heck when you are breaking your back and bumping your head every time you put your child in the car you realize that if you want to increase your family size you must own a family sized vehicle! I have almost come to tears many times I am placing Madie and her car seat in the back of my TWO DOOR car (so horrible). I am also in love with this car and the Chevy Traverse. We plan to purchase one by the end of the year :) Are you guys looking into one? Let me know what you find. And did you ever end up buying a booster seat? Buying a minivan is a right of passage for growing families, kid pics on the side of your purse NOT.

mumof2 said...

I came across your post and love it.... I just got introduced to blogging by my neighbor and use it as a way of my parents and in laws keeping up from England. We are in NC. Thanks for the Honda story it brought a smile to my face :)

Ashley Johnson said...

I don't get the hang ups with minivans. I would love a minivan and can't wait until we get one. . . someday! People need to get over it! Driving an SUV doesn't make you cool!

lanni said...

oooh miss karen -- this is a slippery slope! at first i thought, "yeah, i guess i can see how a minivan is functional. if you like that sort of thing." and then nate's precious 1998 corolla (yep, same you) kicked the bucket and we were forced to buy a new vehicle. after only a few hours of looking, i realized that i NEEDED a minivan. what can i say, the heart wants what it wants.

so we got a 2008 toyota sienna and i gotta say, i couldn't love it more. like i seriously want to bear my testimony from the pulpit about the loveliness that is my minivan. it has changed my life and i will NEVER look back from that fateful day that i walked onto the toyota lot, saw that sexy silver van, loved it, and drove it home a few hours later.

if you do get one -- you won't regret it!