Tuesday, May 04, 2010

More spray painting

I found more candlesticks at Hobby Lobby last week so I grabbed them. If I’d paid retail for them, they would have totaled $109! Are you kidding me? But since I’m a savvy sale shopper, I only paid $11 for all four of them! Score!

DSC_6759I had a vision of my mantle covered in random candlesticks and these guys were the answer. So I painted them all brushed nickel like the one I bought before, and here is the half-finished product:


I want red candles on all of them, but I was dumb and only bought one at Ikea last weekend. The plan is to change out the candles with each holiday/season. Who knows, I may paint all the candlesticks with each holiday. We’ll see.

Next, a wicker patio chair given to us. It’s pretty comfortable, but I wasn’t digging the green.


So now it’s white. I plan on recovering the cushions, once I find fabric I like. It’s not horrible, and it’ll do in the meantime I suppose. They do need a little Febreze love, though.

DSC_6857Special thanks to my model, Summer, who stole my Sonic Strawberry Slush. Little thief.


Dev/Meg said...

That is actually really cool. I can't believe that is all done with spray paint. Hmmm, I should look into the hobby. Now I want a sonic slush.

Emmy said...

Love the candle sticks and the chair!
You are seriously the crafting queen!

Patten Family said...

I think I'm going to have an Intervention for your spray-paint huffing that you are cleaverly disguising. Oh Karen - that poor baby in your belly has to go through your spray paint obsessment...perhaps you should write poems (like me) in your spare time instead:)

Lara said...

She's starting early! Those slushes should be a food group.

I am SO going to buy that ice. It's the bomb.

You do wear a mask when you spray, right? Your baby is going to come out cross-eyed!

wackywilsons said...

How was the flute song? Did your lips hurt from the pucker? It's hard to do when you are not playing in band everyday :)

The spray paint looks great...although I do agree that the plaid look isn't your style. Fun anyway :)

Courtney said...

Very nice mantel! You are seriously crafty. I was thinking of purchasing a sewing machine and you will have to give me some insight on the different brands.