Friday, April 30, 2010

Recent Favorites

I should really be practicing my flute for this performance thing I have tomorrow, but I’m not. I really need to, too. There are a few Nazi-ish people in the ensemble who aren’t too fond of mistakes, apparently. I had a dress rehearsal for this thing on Tuesday evening, I received the music Tuesday afternoon and only had time to run through it a couple times. Keep in mind the piece I received is a handwritten accompaniment and hard to read to begin with. Well, Tuesday evening rolls around and I’m stumbling through it and the girl next to me points to a key change in the music and says, “You know there are 5 sharps there, right?” I look at her and say, “Yeah, I just got this today, thanks,” and gave her the stink eye. It’s different playing in group again. I love it, but some people are just super hard core. Anyway…that’s just a side note rant. I’m sure it will be great. Ladies in WI, hope you can make it to the Women’s Conference tomorrow!

Ok, I have a few favorites as of late. Of course they are in the cooking and hygiene arenas. My favorites!

First up! The Pampered Chef Pineapple Wedger pineappleThis thing is amazing. We buy a lot of pineapple (I know, I know…carbon footprint) and while I love it, I hate cutting it up. This thing take off the skin, takes out the core, and slices the center in two half rings. All you do is cut the top and bottom of and BAM! Done. Seriously, a miracle worker. I’ve seen a cutter like this for a watermelon…now wouldn’t that be awesome!

Next: The Pampered Chef Salad Chopper


I am a lover of most things Pampered Chef (I even sold it at one time!) and these things are fairly new. They’re heavy duty kitchen shear type things. They make quick work of chunks of fruit, heads of lettuce, and my favorite, cooked chicken. I hate shredding chicken and don’t always want to drag out the food processor, and these work great. Love em.

Last, but certainly not least, the Schick Quattro TrimStyle.

schick-quattro-trimstyle2My old Venus Vibrance finally fell apart, and I never used the “vibrance” anyway, so it was time for a new razor. This is like two tools in one. A razor on one end, and an electric trimmer on the other. Without getting too personal, let’s just say this bad boy is great. Having a waterproof electric trimmer on the other end makes life easy. Throw out your mini scissors and get this. And for around $10, without a coupon, it’s a steal of a deal. If you have no idea what you would use an electric trimmer in the shower on, you probably need this. Just sayin’.

Oh, just kidding, I thought of one more. sonic iceSonic Ice. Turns out you can buy it by the bag. And that’s exactly what I have been doing lately. It is the best ice ever. Pour it over a Caffeine Free Dr. Pepper (my latest beverage obsession) and add a straw and I’m in heaven. It’s a pretty big bag too, for $1.99. Now I can make my own Cherry Limeades! And that makes Derrick happy too! 


Lindsey said...

I love the Schick Quattro TrimStyle!!! It's so much nicer than going to a salon and having some random person up in your business waxing your areas if you know what I mean.

Patten Family said...

Yeah for the ice...but have you really resorted to making your own Cherry Limeades?!!! Don't turn to the dark side girly!

Cynthia said...

Thanks a lot. Now all I can think about is getting a Cherry Limeade. Do you have any suggestions for the cherry syrup?

Lyana said...

I haven't seen the trimmer/razor thing around here yet! Maybe I should order one online. I usually like all Schick razors.
Hmm, the pinapple thingie works well, you say? I have seen one in a demonstration at a party but wasn't sure it would actually work.

Jenny said...

cool blog :) check out mine

Silver Strands said...

hahaha! LOVE your flute experience ... I've had similar. You have a great way with words. Thanks for making me chuckle :)


Anonymous said...

Who trims their sideburns in the shower?? That's what I'd like to know...

wackywilsons said...

Great should go into marketing!

I am excited about the razor thing too...way to trim up before the big delivery :)