Monday, July 19, 2010

Super amazing awesome great friends

Today I went to the park to meet up with my good friends Linda and Jessica. It’s a nice day with a nice breeze and pretty much a perfect park day. I show up, a little late, but bearing ice cold $1 McDonald’s drinks for us. I see a few of my other friends that I know with their kids on the playground. I thought it was random that we all decided to go to the same park on the same day, but didn’t really think anything of it. Then Linda and Jess walk up and announce it’s a SURPRISE BABY SHOWER for me!!! I was totally surprised!!! I LOVE SURPRISES!!!! Almost all of my friends were there, it was so awesome! We had a great lunch and just chatted under the pavilion and let our kids run around. They gave me a couple of very generous gift cards and some adorable flowers. Good thing I showered this morning! I don’t have any pictures to document, but it was so sweet and fun and thoughtful of my friends.

Seriously, I couldn’t ask for better friends here. They are all like a second family. I could count on any one of them for anything if I needed to. It definitely makes living away from family so much easier!

Thanks ladies! I love you!!!

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DeAnn said...

That's awesome. That happened to me when I turned 30 in Ohio (the first time we lived here). I got the to park and couldn't figure out why half the ward was there.