Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Monday night we took the girls with us to a Brewers game—their first one! I was nervous about how Summer would do since it started at 7, her bedtime. But she did great and loved it! She loved clapping and cheering and especially loved her first taste of cotton candy, courtesy of Dr. Jessica! We had a lot of fun, even if we did feel like pack mules bringing a ton of stuff. Thank goodness for Mike and Jessica lending some extra hands!



DSC_8910 DSC_8915


Patten Family said...

Yummy! Lucky Summer. Nothing like a nutricious bedtime snack! ha!

Anonymous said...

You can get her to stay down at 7pm? Amazing. I can't even accomplish that feat with the help of a little benadryl. Impressive.


P.S. What do the Brewers brew??

Yours, Mine, &, Crazy Daisy said...

Love the three cheeseheads sitting behind your cute little family!

Go Brewers!

:) Patty

Jessica said...

So much fun!!! I just love hangin with you Callister girls!

wackywilsons said...

Her pigtails are my favorite...she looks great in a cap too