Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall fun

Friday my parents and Derrick’s mom flew in for the weekend to be here for Hannah’s baby blessing at church. So Saturday we all headed out to an apple orchard called The Elegant Farmer, about 45 minutes away. I’d heard about this place from tons of people and heard how they have the most amazing apple pies ever, and I’ve been dying to go and try one for myself. They bake them in a paper bag, which supposedly makes them crispier and yummier.



We walked around the store for a bit and bought not just an apple pie, but a mini caramel apple pie. An apple pie covered in caramel. Um…yes please!

We went on a hay ride out into the orchard and picked a basket of apples. Apparently we picked a peck’s worth. You can eat all the apples you want while you’re picking, so that was fun to try them all and get more of the ones we liked. They also give you a cookie if you help pick up the apples that have fallen to the ground.

And they have lots of wagons for you to use…how cute is that?


It was a chilly day, but we all had a great time. We had cider donuts after the hay ride, which were a.maz.ing. I’m tempted to make the drive out there just for the donuts. Holy yum.

It was so fun to do something with our little family, and to have grandparents too was even better. I know Summer won’t remember doing this, but it’s so fun to start traditions like this.


Now I have a peck of apples that I need to use up. I’ve already made applesauce, which is really yummy. I want to can some apple pie filling. Now I just need to figure out how… DSC_9027   These two were besties all weekend! She loves her Papa! DSC_8942Oh, and the apple pie?? Delicious!


Linda said...

This is the one that I did last year, and they were sooo good. I've only made apple crisps with them, but I'm sure they would make delicious pies as well.


Daniel Smith said...

YAY!!! That's an uber sweet baby blanket you're carrying Hannah in! Where ever did you get it!?!? Oh that's right, my sister Hannah made it! that blanket is mad balla tyte!

Jodee Luke said...

WI has the best apple orchards! This was our favorite fall tradition to help us get excited about the changing weather-not that 15 degree weather didn't excite us already!

Stewart Family said...

Its looking COLD in Wisconsin.

Miriam said...

This post makes me so excited for Fall! And it makes me miss all those great apple orchards! I really need to take a stab at canning and learn how. I'm envious of your home canned food storage.