Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hannah’s Blessing


Sunday Hannah was blessed at church, and it was a perfect day. Derrick gave a beautiful blessing and Hannah didn’t make one single peep. She wore the same dress Summer wore, the one my mom crocheted. It’s beautiful, I love it. I loved seeing her being held by her father and grandfather, as well as men I have grown to love as my own family.


Later that evening as we all gathered together and visited, I just sat and was so grateful for the friends we have made since we’ve moved here. We had no idea what to expect moving here to Milwaukee. We certainly didn’t expect to find such amazing friends and have an instant network or support. As I watched our kids run around and play with each other, I realized I loved each one as if they were my own. I felt so happy in my living room with some of our closest friends and family. It definitely makes living far from family so much easier knowing we have great friends to rely on. Of course, we would have loved more family to join us. We even made sure to have her blessed in the warmer months! Oh well, maybe next time??

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J.R.G. said...

is that the tie from my wedding?

DeAnn said...

Glad it was a good day!

Patten Family said...

The girls look so cute but 100% different. Good for little Hannah Banana. Now you've got too incredibly cute kids:) Even if one of them has a teapot-dent in her head.

Lara said...

So precious!!! Congratulations!

lanni said...

hannah is a teeny teeny derrick. who knew that derrick's teenwoledness would wear so well on a wee little girl? that worked out well for you guys. congrats on the blessing!