Saturday, October 16, 2010

LEAVE me alone!

Fall really is gorgeous here in Wisconsin. There is a teeny window where all the trees are changing and the landscape is absolutely beautiful. We even have our very own color changing tree in our backyard!DSC_9402Unfortunately, those leaves find their way to the ground. It was a matter of one day and the tree was almost empty. Last week we raked up Round 1 and played a little bit in them.  Even Summer tried to help.



Today we raked up the rest. Our leaves are so badass they broke one of our rakes. Guess they showed us who’s boss.

DSC_9516What sucks the most is that even though we raked up all of the leaves from our trees, it’s so blasted windy we’re going to get screwed by the neighbors’ trees that haven’t lost their leaves yet.

But just look at that broken rake. It’s now Summer-sized!!


Jessica said...

Wowza! That is one massive pile of Leaves!

Lara said...

I could never get over that. The trees changing was BREATHTAKING, and then in about a week we'd get some massively strong winds and they would blow all the leaves away. Can't enjoy 'em for long!

ps the leaves are just "starting" to change, here! ;-)