Tuesday, October 12, 2010


A new Woodman’s opened up by us this weekend so I took the girls today to check it out. It’s like a Food 4 Less for all you West coasters. It’s weird, because walking around I totally felt like a backwoods hick shopping for a hunting trip, but they have high end brands too. Totally weird.

Anyway, they have a pretty extensive ethnic section. Impressive enough that I might not have to make trips to the Asian market since I can find most of what I need there.

The majority of my fridge is composed of condiments. Not sure why. But if you need fish sauce or mango chuntney, I’m your girl. Still, not sure what I would ever use this for:

curry ketchupI’ll admit, I am super curious as to what it tastes like. Maybe next time I’ll take the plunge and buy it. I mean, I love curry, and who doesn’t like ketchup? Could be a win-win condiment situation!


Yours, Mine, &, Crazy Daisy said...

I don't know but I don't think I like
chuntney. Just the spelling is icky

Cynthia said...

We ate at "Five Guys Burgers and Fries" the other day (it is suppose to be similar to "IN-N-OUT" and I got to try ketchup with malt vinegar on my fries. That was actually pretty good.

Lara said...

You must try Chipotle Mayonnaise. Mmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Karen you totally have to try Cholula Chipotle hot sauce...it will open your eyes to a whole new world that you may have never experienced.

Art and Appetite said...

Hmmmm interesting, I, too, wonder how that would taste like.

Btw, have you had banana ketchup?

Art and Appetite said...

Ooops, sorry. Disregarld the link I had put earlier!