Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin-y goodness

Last night for family night we carved our pumpkins. I think they turned out cute! I love carving pumpkins and don’t even mind the mess. Summer didn’t really want to touch the guts, but she sat in her chair and happily watched. And Hannah bounced away in her bouncy seat and didn’t seem to mind too much that we were kind of ignoring her. We obviously used stencils for the big ones but they didn’t fit on the little ones so I just free handed the girls’ initials. I thought they looked so awesome on our porch last night.

DSC_9630Then today, to stave off some boredom while we’re trapped inside because it’s so blasted windy, we cut and pasted a little paper jack-o-lantern. I’m glad I took this picture when I did because not one minute after poor Jack was ripped in half. RIP Jack.

DSC_9635We’ve been singing Halloween songs non-stop and practicing our “trick or treat!” We are ready for Halloween to come!


Silvs said...

Maybe I have kind of a sad childhood, but what Halloween songs are there anyway?

Patten Family said...

Now, I think that I have a tunefull soul in me....growing up in music and playing the piano since I was 7. I must say though, I know ZERO Halloween songs? What are you singing. Happy Birthday Dear Pumpkin....you smell like a monkey and you look like one too?