Sunday, October 24, 2010


So I’ve been meaning to do this ever since Summer was born. Well, almost 2 years later I’m finally getting around to it! I scanned in all of our baby pictures to see how we compare to each other. I’ll tell you what—those pictures they take immediately after birth are far from cute. I think they take them a lot sooner than they did when we were babies, because Derrick and I don’t look nearly as horrible as Summer and Hannah. Rude? Probably. Truth? Absolutely. Onto the pictures! First up: Derrick! He said he looks like a chunky old man. And he’s right.


Can you see where I get my love for babies with hair?? Check me out! Check out my ‘do! Unfortunately, all those cowlicks are still causing me problems.


Next, Summer: Look how puffy, and those red eyes. A face only a mother could love….after a few hours. Or days.


And last but not least, Hannah: A little better than Summer’s picture, but not by much. I’m happy to say Hannah has gotten cuter with age.


I found a picture of beautiful baby moi at 5 1/2 weeks so I found one of the girls to compare us all. What do you think? Can you tell who is who?

karen5weeksDSC_8876 DSC_0072     

I wonder what our boys will look like…if we ever have one!


Patten Family said...

Dude. I know the middle one is Hannah only cuz the onesie....but anyway, the girls TOTALLY look alike in that! And you on the left TOTALLY look like Summer now! Crazy.

Oh. And Derrick still looks like Hannah:) Lucky her. I hope she's nicer than he is (lol)

DeAnn said...


Yours, Mine, &, Crazy Daisy said...

Your twin is Summer, in my opinion, but Hannah looks a lot your baby pic here, too. I am with Sarah...I think your newest addition is so much her daddy's girl. I asked Nick in church yesterday..."doesn't Hannah look JUST LIKE Derrick?" Nick-"uh huh" Me-"you don't see it all, do you?" Nick- "Nope" :)

Jessica said...

Wow, Your girls look SO much like you!!! I love the flash back!

Miranda said...

Love it! They definitely take after you!

Courtney said...

I love that on Derricks PJs it has a piece of tape that states "3 days." The girls look so much alike and definitely have your awesome hair :)