Saturday, October 23, 2010


The other night I was chatting with some friends about our college days and talking with a friend whose daughter is now at BYU and in the dating scene. It got me thinking about how I met Derrick and some of the crazy ways people meet each other, and just how funny relationships at BYU are in general.

My roommate met not one guy, but THREE online. She only really dated one, but hung out with the other a lot. One of them looked like Jerry Seinfeld’s twin, and we called him Jerry because of it. The second one was actually a really cool guy and even though they only dated one semester before he left on his mission, he was my favorite of her boyfriends that year. (She had quite a few.) The third one was an absolute douche.

Then my friend and I were walking home one night back to the dorms and were crossing the basketball courts at DT when a guy yelled down to us. Somehow we started talking to them and they decided to come down and talk to us face to face. My friend dated one of them for awhile before he left on his mission. When he came home from his mission, I think he thought she was waiting for him, and she definitely wasn’t, and he was kind of heart broken.

One night, it was really late and my roommates and I went to Denny’s (because that’s like the only place open at 2 am). We were driving home and hit a red light. My one roommate started talking to the guy in the car next to us and he wound up following us home. She made out with him, then never saw the guy again.

My one friend dated this guy for like 5 months before he kissed her. Who waits that long? And why?? And then when it happened, she said it was kind of awful. I think they only kissed like one or two times after that too. He was super smart, and pretty good looking, but kind of a wiener in the affection department. He would up marrying his ex, just like I thought he would. I could tell he was never really over her to begin with.

It was right before Christmas one year, and my roommate was at a guys’ apartment watching Pearl Harbor with a guy she really liked. She said she was putting herself out there to have her hand held (you know the move ladies…the hand flop!) but he just wasn’t biting. So she drove home totally bummed out and then got a call from a friend she knew from one of her classes. Turns out he was leaving to go on his mission and wanted to “say goodbye.” So, she pretty much met up with him and helped him “feast before the famine.”

Freshman year, my roommate and I were really good friends with this one guy in our ward. He once admitted that he wasn’t a very good kisser and needed some tips. So he and my roommate drove up to Rock Canyon Park one night and they made out, purely as an “instructional session”. I’m pretty sure they’re still friends today, from what I get from Facebook.

Oh! How can I forget this one? My poor roommate. She was dating this guy from her class and it was around Christmastime, because there was mistletoe in our apartment. She wasn’t super into him, and kept telling me over and over. Probably because he had a huge nose, and when he kissed her HIS NOSE POKED HER IN THE EYE!! He kept trying to get her under the mistletoe and it was pretty funny watching her try to avoid it. She claimed she was sick, dry lips, blah blah blah. She finally dumped him. He cried, and this is what he told her after she told him she just wasn’t feeling it with him: “Guys are microwaves-quick to heat up and cool down. Girls are crock pots, slow to heat up and cool down. I’m a microwave and you’re a crock pot that was never plugged in.” What a weirdo. He did somehow have a black market copy of Harry Potter that we all watched before it was released…that was his only redemption.

Aren’t those so random? BYU is definitely an interesting place. But I loved it. I had the time of my life. And if you haven’t guessed by now, all those stories were about me. :)


Amy North said...

Ok, so, I'm not trying to brag, or make anything a contest, but I have some pretty spectacular stories that could go right along with this. And they're all about me. And I've got one or two that might even rival a couple of yours. ;) GOTTA love BYU and the rampant making-out that took place. And bless you for having the courage to share it with the world! :)

DeAnn said...

I want to hear the how you met Derrick story.

Jessica said...

WOW...all of the stories??

Sara and Brian said...

Ha ha. I totally remember these stories. Brings back the good ole BYU memories.

Courtney said...

Oh my, WOW! I've seen some of your pictures but I would have never guessed. Just warming up for Derrick I see.