Monday, January 10, 2011

5 months!

Hard to believe this kid is already 5 months. Seems like I was just writing her 4 month post!


Honestly, not a lot has changed since last month. She’s still a sweet, chill little lady. She’s still not sleeping through the night as long as I’d like her to be, but that’s my fault, really. I just haven’t let her cry it out yet. We’ve been traveling and then my parents were here and my mom left today so now we’re back to some kind of routine again. Derrick leaves for Vegas on Sunday so I think we may attempt it then. We’ll see.

Anyway. She is just so good. So content to hang out in her car seat if we’re running errands, going to church, out to dinner, whatever. She’s a good napper usually. Takes at least 2 naps every day, and either takes a little catnap in the evening or just whines until bedtime. But that doesn’t happen often.

She goes through drooling spurts. She was pretty dry in California, but now she’s at it again.

She loves to use her voice and squawk away. 

She has recently discovered her tongue. I swear it’s always hanging out. And in the bath it’s CONSTANTLY out and she tries to lap up the bath water or lick the water (or suds) off her shoulder.


She does this thing now when she’s in her swing where she keeps her legs up. It’s so funny. It doesn’t look very comfortable, almost like a reverse crunch, but she keeps it up for a long time!

DSC_1014    DSC_1016

She is just the happiest, snuggliest, sweetest baby. We are smitten with her. We are in deep smit!



Lara said...

It's Derrick in a dress! Love it!!!
What's amazing is she will look totally different six months from now. I go back and look at pics of my kids and they're ALWAYS evolving. It's crazy!

Sooooo cute!

DeAnn said...

Does she have great abs from those leg lifts? Cute little girl!!

Melissa said...

She is so cute! That last picture of her looks SO much like Summer.

Emmy said...

She is adorable! That leg thing is pretty funny