Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Corporate Blunders

By now you know I’m a fan of proper spelling and grammar. If I see misspelled words on a blog or email, I cringe, but I do give it a pass because it’s an informal written document. And let’s face it: people just are horrible spellers these days. However, I find it nearly impossible to forgive an error, whether spelling or grammar, when a large business or corporation commits one.

Still, in the past month I’ve encountered THREE gross errors while shopping.

Case #1: World Market.

I love this store. I love the glassware, the decorations, the food, the holiday stuff, all of it. So I was SO sad to see this sign!!


I’m assuming they meant “candelabra”. World Market is nationwide, and I’m sure they have a whole department dedicated to creating and printing these sale signs. How many people had to look at this and not realize they were missing an “n”??

Case #2: Woodman’s


I can kind of see how this happened, as many people pronounce avocado just as they have it on the sign, with an “a” sound instead of “o”. In fact, as I sit here saying it out loud to myself I too say it with the “a” sound. But that is no excuse for spelling it with one! Give this delicious fruit and it's heart healthy fats the respect it deserves!

Case #3: Wal-Mart


I know, I know, the fact alone that it’s from Wal-Mart should be reason enough to excuse this mistake. Since Summer is obsessed with seeing the fish every time we go to Wal-Mart, I have to see this sign every week. (Or three times a week, whatever.) Now, I’m no marine biologist (although I did want to be one when I was in 6th grade), but I have never heard of a “loster”. And I’m pretty sure those crustacean-looking creatures in the tank are teeny tiny lobsters. But look, it’s written not once, but twice!! In what looks to be the same handwriting. So one can only assume that the writer pronounces it “loster”, or just has an irrational fear of writing the letter “b”.Based on our demographics, I’m actually going to go with the former.  


DeAnn said...

Natalie's doing a spelling bee tomorrow--I'm so nervous for her. Go spellers!!

Lara said...

LOL you crack me up! I am the same way. As a former copyeditor, I can't help it. Just goes to show we're all human, right?

Anonymous said...

I can just see our humble hermano behind the counter trying to peddle his fresh "lo-ster!!!" Freakin' classic! It reminds me of a joke:

At an office meeting, each employee was assigned to bring certain office necessities to work on the following day. Margaret was assigned to bring coffee, Jack needed to bring copy paper, etc. Jose was assigned the office supplies. The next morning, everyone presented their contribution to the office...except for Jose. When asked where the office supplies were, Jose disappeared for a moment and returned, quietly looked around and then threw confetti into the air yelling "Supplies!!! Supplies!!!"