Thursday, January 13, 2011


I find myself, along with the rest of the free world, making resolutions and an attempt to start a new year with a fresh start. I love changes, no matter what kind. New shampoo, new furniture arrangement, new pens. One thing that I always looked forward to was a clean, new, empty calendar. I would spend an entire afternoon entering in birthdays, anniversaries, appointments, milestones, etc. Well, my trusty iPod has taken care of that for me. I love it. I love Google Calendars and how it syncs with my Touchy Feely. However, I do miss actually writing something down. There’s something so satisfying about writing something on a list and then crossing it off.

One of my resolutions this year (along with getting in shape, reading more, playing with my kids more, being less judgmental, serving more, yadda yadda yadda) is to be more organized have a more structured day. Now, I feel like I am pretty well organized as far as life goes. I rarely miss appointments. I have a decently busy social life and never double-book myself. But I need more organization at home. I need to get rid of clutter. I need to have a housekeeping schedule to keep me on track. I need to be able to respond to Derrick’s question when he gets home of “What did you do today?” with “Well, I did laundry, dusted, organized the linen closet, and helped Summer create a masterpiece with Playdoh all while creating a fabulously delicious and healthy meal for us!” instead of “Um….we played? Oh, and I managed to take shower today before you got home. And oh yeah! I changed the toilet paper rolls.” I need to have done some things during the day and not the 5 minute shove and stuff as he’s on his way home from work. (Secret’s out!)

I want to feel more productive, not only as a homemaker, but as a mother and teacher to a 2 year old.

The problem is, Google Calendars isn’t so user-friendly when it comes to making a list of housekeeping duties and activities. I looked through lots of apps to see if there was one that combined all the elements I was looking for: calendar, to-do list, note taking. There wasn’t.

In the end, I purchased a spiral bound planner. I have weekly and monthly items scheduled. I have activities penciled in for Summer: arts and crafts, learning letters, singing, etc. I have a daily to-do list. But if I don’t finish everything on my daily list, I don’t freak out. I just try and do it the next day. So far it’s working out well. I get to cross things off. I know at the end of every month I need to submit my FSA claims and send pictures to family. I know every week I need to dust and vacuum. I know in May I need to replace my air conditioning filter. Stuff like that.

Until I get to be programming savvy and create my own all-in-one app, this is going to have to do. Unless anyone knows of a fabulous app that they’re willing to share??


Silvs said...

So why are you torn? What to use to organize?

Linda said...

Motivated moms has an app. It's $10 so it's a bit pricey. They are supposed to adding a function where you can add your own tasks. When they do, it might just be what you are looking for. I still do the paper version and I'm liking it. It reminds me to plan for next month's birthdays and change my filter and stuff like that. It's a little intense but I'm getting better at letting unmarked boxes go.

Jodee Luke said...

i'm a pen and paper type of gal. i'm also a HUGE planner/organizer. this probably isn't exactly what you are looking for but i made a big list of things that i can do in 10 mins (clean the toilet, empty the dishwasher etc.) things i can do in 20 mins (organize photos, clean pantry etc.)

i've tried to plan what days i am going to do what but since life never goes as planned this list has helped me realize i can accomplish a lot of little things in the time i do have.

Nikki said...

Honestly, I got overwhelmed reading this today! I feel like I have the EXACT desires you have. I need to get an ipod touch or April..I'll be getting a cool iphone or droid. I've been so desperate to be more organized in my life but I get so overwhelmed.
I find that making a chore chart for my month works pretty well but I feel so bad when I don't get things done!
Oh well. I'm glad to know I'm not alone in this...other people have the same desires!
You will inspire me through your blog.
Oh, and I'll give you a list of some great books that I read in college when I studied English..

Now, they may not all be your taste, but I liked them.

Beloved by Toni Morrison----SO GOOD but very graphic.
Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger. Also good but vulgar...a lot of the classics are kind of graphic, vulgar and crude, unless you're going for Jane Austen and fluffy stuff.
All Quiet on the Western Front---war book.
Native Son---probably the most disturbing book I read in college for a class. Still haunts me to this day, but I LOVED IT! I can't even understand why. I just love all the African-American novel stuff. You might want to stay away if you don't like disturbing things (who does?).
To Kill A Mockingbird is one of the best classics ever.

Those are just a few:)

Cynthia said...

Thanks for making me laugh. I can totally relate to the whole situation and desire for wanting to be more organized.

I like your solution too. Mine is just to write down a list of everything on a piece of paper and whatever doesn't get done carries over. Yours sounds much better.

As for the non app version of your working organization program there is something to be said for not having it be some technical on-ine thing. It probably helps you to stay on task and away from email and facebook. I always get sucked in to those whenever I am on-line.

Emmy said...

It would't do everything you want but a fun App I like is called Do It Tomorrow. It looks like a handwritten list and when you finish something it crosses it off, with the appropiate pencil crossing off sound! And if you don't finish it, it will show up on the next day or you can push anything to the next day whenever you want.