Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Well, since Santa was so good to me this year, I have a few new favorite things to share!

First up:

A reusable plastic cup! If you haven’t seen these things in the stores then obviously you do not leave your house at all. Because they are EVERYWHERE. The coffee cup ones are cool too…when I first saw them I had to touch them to see if they were paper or not. Anyway, I never thought I needed one until my friend Jessica gave me one for Christmas! Sure, I still use my Camelbak (well, Derrick’s now, since Summer broke mine), but not nearly as much. Mostly just when I run errands or go out because it doesn’t spill. But it does grow nasty moldy moss inside the spout. Ew.

I realized I love this cup so much because it feels like I’m drinking something special. Not water (which is what I usually am drinking). It’s like I went to lunch (which I love doing) and brought home a Diet Coke. I think it has mostly to do with how it feels in my hand. I really don’t know if I’m explaining myself at all. Bottom line: I like to drink soda out of restaurant paper cups, but drinking soda from a restaurant all day everyday is impossible and expensive. And unhealthy. So I love this cup. Gah. I’m not doing this cup justice. Oh, and mine has a pink straw, which is even better.



A few months ago I was able to test out for FREE a set of Rubbermaid storage containers. I loved them so much I just went out and bought another set. And threw out all the random Ziploc, Glad, generic lunch meat containers, and dollar store containers that were floating around here. When Derrick packs his lunch for the next day he almost always gives up searching for the matching lid and makes me do it. NO MORE!!! There are only 2 sizes to these lids: big and small. And each fit different sized dishes, deep or shallow. They have a great seal and are BPA free, so microwave away! Plus they have a cute little swirly design on the side. Oh, and they’re stain resistant! And they really are. I’ve stored spaghetti sauce in them and they come out crystal clear. And shatterproof. Can’t say enough about them! (Except that they are a little on the pricey side. But well worth it.)


And lastly:

For Christmas my mother in law gave me 2 different blankets. One is a queen sized fleece blanket. But it’s not just regular fleece. I don’t know what it is. But it’s soooo soft. SO SOFT. Like an angel’s bum. The other blanket is more of a lap throw, but it’s soft too. Super soft on one side and polar fleece on the other—you know, the nubby cream colored stuff? It’s so comfy. And after doing a little research on it, turns out the company that makes them is a corporate products type deal…they’ll put your logo on them or whatever. And that’s actually what we have….an uncle’s business I think? All I know is that they’re referred to as “ABCO blankets”. Come over anytime and I’ll let you feel the magnificence of it. There’s just something about snuggling up in an ultra soft blanket and watching TV. So cozy. And since our low here on Thursday is a whopping –2, I’m sure I’ll be needing both.


Emmy said...

Brrr -2! Yes you really do need those blankets. My friend Lourie has one of those cups and totally loves it.

Lara said...

You SO need a Snuggie!!!


Jessica said...

Oh I'm so glad you love your cup, I have 2 now and drink so much more water when I'm hope!

Jessica said...


Nikki said...

Everytime you write about your favorite things, it makes me want to go out and buy them all!

Mom said...

Nothing about what Your mother gave you. Blu-ray, nativity set, pjs, shall I go on?

Sam and Brent said...

I got a set of the Rubbermaid containers for Christmas from Costco! There are so many and they're AWESOME!