Monday, January 03, 2011


We spent Christmas this year with Derrick’s family in California. We were there about two weeks, and while that sounds like a long time, I feel like we hardly did anything! Here’s why:

Day 1: Arrive and get settled.

Days 2-6: CONSTANT RAIN. Seriously, no breaks, not one. The most annoying, persistent rain. LAME.

Days 7-8: Stomach flu for me. Who doesn’t love throwing up on vacation?

Day 9: Christmas Eve, family party, reenact the Nativity story

Day 10: Christmas

Day 11: Church

Days 12: More rain

Day 13: Finally sunny, went sightseeing

Day 14: Go home, raining AGAIN!

So even though we did go places when it was raining, I feel like we really only had one day of really doing anything.


Playing games until way late every night. Settlers, Monopoly Deal, Heck, Clue. I love playing games!

In-n-Out Burger

Griffith Park and Observatory….train and carousel rides. And I NEVER get sick of seeing the Hollywood sign!

Pinkberry x2

Watching Summer play with her cousins. And her cousins’ better toys.

Fresh citrus from the trees in the backyard

BYU/UCLA basketball game (even though we lost!) and seeing Eric and Dave.

BJ’s Pizza

Summer sleeping almost the entire flight home. Thank you, Benadryl.

Christmas Day. It’s an all day affair at the Callister’s, and I love it. First we open Santa gifts, which takes at least an hour or two. Then it’s upstairs to open family gifts. Then we’re hungry so we eat a big breakfast. Then it’s back upstairs to do a white elephant gift exchange. Then it’s playing with new toys/napping/watching movies until a nice big dinner. Then more game playing and candy eating and fun having.


Throwing up. I won’t be eating tamales for quite some time.


Only eating at In-n-Out Burger ONCE! How did that happen???

Somehow losing $40 cash while wrapping presents. Boo, Karen. Put it straight into your wallet next time!

Summer NOT sleeping the entire flight to California. But thank you Elmo and iPod Touch for a job well done.


It’s always a good time when the Callister brothers get together. All 4 of them were home for Christmas this year, which was a lot of fun. We were all spoiled by Santa. Summer’s doll collection increased by about 500%, and she doesn’t go anywhere without at least one under her arm.

Christmas Eve jammies (I love matching outfits!!)DSC_0443


DSC_0438Playing in the backyardDSC_0365Christmas dressesDSC_0313Griffith ObservatoryDSC_0882 DSC_0874 DSC_0862

  We had a great Christmas and hope you did, too!


J.R.G. said...

D is rockin in the Superman pajamas

Lara said...


I am jealous. I'd give anything just to go to In n Out once!!!

Anonymous said...

I want to try that in-out burger. It was mentioned on a tv show I was watching the other day


Courtney said...

Love, love, love the Christmas PJs!!! Please tell me you and Derrick had matching ones. LOL

Anonymous said...

Did Hanna take the picture of you Derrick and Summer?

Melissa and Trevor said...

looks like a wonderful christmas!