Wednesday, January 05, 2011


I know Christmas is over, but I had to do a little post on my Christmas trees! Yes, plural. I put up 3 this year, but never got around to putting up the 4th. Sad, I know.

First up: The “family” tree. This was the tree I bought at Wal-Mart the first year we were married. We lived in a basement apartment with low ceilings so it had to be short enough to fit. It now goes up in the basement and holds colored lights and our family ornaments. Derrick’s and mine from when we were growing up, and now Summer’s and Hannah’s. We have been picking out an ornament for the kids for the past two years, but as they get older they will get to pick their own each year. I think it’s a fun tradition, plus they’ll get a little starter set of ornament when they leave the nest. This year Summer’s ornament was a bus! She loved it. Notice how the ornaments start at about 3 feet. DSC_0164

We inherited the next tree from my sister in law when she upgraded to a prelit tree. It’s a very nice tree and stands in our living room with silver ornaments and white lights. It used to have blue ornaments and accents too but I’m phasing it out for red. This tree is a beast to put together, but I love it. It’s not prelit, which I don’t love. The lights we put on it worked only half of the time…I’m thinking it’s time to get a prelit??? Again, we see that ornaments begin above reaching level for little arms. DSC_0162

And the last tree is totally my favorite right now. I bought this at a rummage sale this past spring for $5. It was prelit, but didn’t work, so I spent hours ripping the lights of each of the branches. My fingers ached. But look how darling it looks with pink and green ornaments. These are shatterproof, so I put them all over. She eventually learned to just look and not touch. I tried finding pink lights on a white string…do you know how hard that is to find?? DSC_0161

I love all of my trees, but I was having a little guilt about having NO nativity scenes.  Well, no longer! Derrick got me the Willow Tree set and my mom brought me the Little People set! Both of which I’ve been wanting! Can’t wait until next Christmas!


Lara said...

ROFL about your "out of reach" ornaments!!! Kids are worse than cats, aren't they???


Anonymous said...

I love that pre-lit idea.

Nikki said...

You are a go getter when it comes to Christmas! Nice work!!! I love all the trees. I have the Willow Tree it as well.
Hope you are all doing well!

Abraham + Marci said...

I love all your trees and yes prelite is totally the way to go! Our front room has a 14' sealing and we got a 12' tree off of KSL for such a great deal and I love it!