Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The Dirty Thirty

Yes, it’s official, I’m now 30. Yesterday was the big day. No, I didn’t do any of my goals. Not a one. Oh well, it’s the thought that counts. Oh, it doesn’t? Hmmm…well perhaps I shall give myself an extension through the end of the month.

The festivities started Friday night with an 80’s prom. Snomageddon delayed shipment on my disco ball and slap bracelets. Luckily the disco ball made it in time for the party, but the slap bracelets just arrived yesterday. Send them back or keep them? Decisions, decisions. Either way, I’m stoked to have a disco ball now. I’ll be honest, it’s pretty sweet.

Everyone came decked out in their 80’s best. It was awesome. These pictures are truly horrible, but they have to be posted for memories’ sake. Please excuse my huge arms.


Please note the side pony and crimped hair.DSC_1244

Debbie and Richard were voted Prom king and queen. With big hair like that, how could she have lost?? Please notice the purple glitter curtain.


And what’s an 80’s party without Pacman? Derrick baked me a cake and I decorated it. I love Pacman!


And my girlfriends….well, they are just the best. 6 of my closest girlfriends all chipped in on a gift for me. I was totally surprised, and kind of still in shock! Of course, I love it! Next item of business: get Wii Fit and banish these flabby arms. THANK YOU Linda, Jess, Whitney, Tamara, Ashley and Martha! I love you girls!


I got lots of other awesome gifts too, like 80’s hair supplies, recipe software, jewelry and a Sonic gift card! Do my friends know me or what??

Saturday Derrick took me to dinner downtown which was delicious. Then we stopped by a fundraiser/benefit party for one of his coworkers for a bit. Always fun to see drunk people.

Sunday was of course the Super Bowl, where the Packers pulled out a win for me!! We went to the Chaplin’s and had lots of delicious food, as usual.

Yesterday we didn’t do much. The girls and I ran some errands and hit up Sonic. Nothing like a Cherry Limeade to help ease a girl into her thirties! Derrick surprised me with 30 gorgeous tulips delivered in the morning. They are just what I need to look at when it’s –11 and everything is covered in snow!


He also got me these adorable rain/snow boots. They are super comfy. I’ve been wanting something like these for awhile, so my regular shoes don’t get all wet and cold when I’m out running errands. They’re perfect!


I opened the rest of my gifts from family….cash, a scraper beater from my ‘rents that I’ve been wanting for my Kitchenaid, some kitchen stuff from my MIL, and Cricut markers from my bestie Sara in Omaha! Sweet!

Derrick was up at 4 am to go help sort boxes of championship t-shirts so he was pretty tired by the time he got home. We went and grabbed a quick bite to eat and then we both pretty much crashed on the couch and watched TV. It was a great weekend!

But wait, that’s not all! This morning I find out that I have a babysitter all lined up for the girls (since Derrick has class) and that Sarah is taking me out! Sweet! I still don’t know what we’re doing or where. I love surprises! How fun!

Thanks to everyone for the emails, texts, phone calls, and FB posts. I felt super loved yesterday, and totally spoiled overall. I have the best friends and family.


Maria said...

Wish we could have been there to celebrate. Happy Birthday again.

DeAnn said...

Fun times! I love the picture of you hugging your Wii. :)

Abraham + Marci said...

I love your 80's Party! My 30th is in a month and I think we are doing a white trash party. No particular reason just cuz it will be fun. Looks like you had a great B-Day!

Nikki said...

SPOILED!!! That's so great! Hope you have fun! 30 is the new 20. I'll be 27 soon and I'm kind of freaking out.

Anonymous said...

I love that you refer to thirty as "dirty thirty." Sounds like an adult film title...

Melissa said...

Awesome cake, awesome gifts (you look so much like your mom in the one of you hugging your new Wii), awesome party, awesome cake and btw, I LOVE the color of your walls in your kitchen! So, so awesome!

Lara said...

Happy Birthday! Welcome to the Thirties! They're a great place to be!!