Wednesday, February 02, 2011


All week we’ve been hearing about this monster storm that was headed out way. They’ve been calling it Snowmageddon, Snowpocolypse, and Snowlapalooza. It’s been super intense! Things were closing before the snow even hit!

Well, last night it finally came. ‘Twas a blizzard, indeed. The wind howled all night and the snow swirled around. And when we woke up this morning, well, there was a ton of snow!

There were super high drifts on the other side of the street. You can definitely tell which way the wind was blowing, and luckily for us it wasn’t to our side!

DSC_1194This is what we saw when we opened the garage:


And this is what we saw when we opened the front door:


It’s 15” from the top of the snow to the walkway below (with a step in between). That’s a lot of snow!!!

Thank goodness for our snow blower! Having a small Christmas was totally lame this year (because we bought a snow blower instead) but knowing I never have to shovel our driveway again makes it all worth it! Plus, I totally dig how it makes those super straight walls.

Here’s our walkway:

DSC_1216I hate snow, you all know that. But as I was clearing off our front stoop and piling the snow up on the lawn, for a second I kind of wanted to make a little snow fort/cave and play in it. And then I snapped out of it, punished myself for thinking such crazy thoughts, and then went inside to warm up.


Emmy said...

Lol! Your last sentence cracks me up I so used to love snow, even in college I still liked it. But living in AZ and then CA does something to you.

Lara said...

My friends in Chicago couldn't even get out of their front door! 24 inches!!! What's funny, is, my kids MISS snow.

Um, not me.

Bryn said...

You forgot snownami, and least revrent of all (and there for one of my favorites)snowlocaust!

We are 3. said...

Maybe you should just start to like it. I mean you've lived here 6.5 years and aren't going anywhere for a while! :)