Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day!


I love Valentine’s Day. Probably because I love all things pink and red and girly. And chocolate. And flowers. And jewelry. This Valentine’s Day was filled with all of those things! I’m a lucky girl!

We actually celebrated last night since Derrick was leaving for Orlando this morning for a business conference. He spent the afternoon at Epcot Center. Um…can I go to a business conference, too??? We always make fondue for dinner (cheaper than going out…and no babysitter required!) and watch a movie while we eat. Last night we watched the Grammy’s instead. Can I just say Justin Bieber got robbed!!! Anyway…dinner was delicious, the chocolate fondue was delicious, and I finally got the necklace I’ve been wanting! You know, one of those stamped metal ones with my kids’ names and birthstones. Totally awesome. Love it. Derrick loved his neon BYU sign for the bar. The man is the easiest to buy for, love it.

Since all of our friends have either just had a baby, are going to have a baby, or have family in town, my cooking/crafting partner in crime Linda invited us (or did we invite ourselves???) over for a little cookie decoration action. She has all the pictures, but let me assure you they are stinking adorable. Summer had a great time “painting” her two little cookies with frosting, and then was even more excited to find out she could EAT them! She loved the frosting, and had it all over her face like a beard. It was awesome.

We stayed for dinner and then I put the girls to bed there. Then Linda and I had our own romantic little date and had chocolate fondue and watched a movie. I was thisclose to just spending the night when I decided to just go home instead. I’m so glad I did because my favorite green box from ProFlowers was waiting on my doorstep!! 2 dozen gorgeous roses from Derrick. What a stud.

This is why February is my most favorite month!!DSC_1401

I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day! I don’t care if it is a Hallmark holiday…there’s never anything wrong with dedicating an entire day to telling the people you love how much they mean to you! So to all of my friends and family…I LOVE YOU! 


Courtney said...

Love, love, love the adorable Valentine's pic of the girls! Way too cute!

Melissa said...

Oh my gosh- Hannah looks so stinkin' kissable! Love that pic!