Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I’ve Got the Fever…


Apparently openly admitting to this and NOT being a middle schooler brings shame upon you! Well, I don’t care.

It’s not like I wanna get with this kid, folks. I’m not a pedophile! Anyway, he’ll be 17 in 13 days. That’s practically legal.

JustinBieberI don’t see what’s wrong with liking a young person who is wholesome and (relatively) clean cut. Sure, his hair is usually more styled than mine is, but how many times has this kid gotten in trouble and been in the news? None that I know of! His music is bubbly and freaking catchy, and it makes me want to be a better person. I mean dance. If my teenage daughter was in love with him I would have no problem with it.

Now, my admiration for the Bieb has caused others to criticize my taste in music. Some are claiming I need professional help. I say they are crazy. I just have a more extensive and well rounded repertoire of music appreciation! Let’s just take a random sampling of other artists that start with “B” from my iTunes:

  • Bad English
  • Band of Horses
  • Bangles
  • Barry Manilow
  • Barry White
  • The Beach Boys
  • The ENTIRE Beatles library
  • Beck
  • Beethoven
  • Ben Folds
  • Beyonce’
  • Blink-182
  • Bob Marley
  • Bread
  • The Bravery
  • Britney Spears (of course)
  • Brooks and Dunn
  • Busta Rhymes
  • and let’s round out the list with a little Butthole Surfers

I’d say that’s a pretty diverse list, and that’s just a fraction of the “B’s”! So don’t tell ME I have poor taste in music! I’d be willing to bet most people who pooh-pooh JB haven’t even really listened to his music. Because if you listen to “Baby” and have zero desire to dance or tap your foot, you must not have a pulse.

Plus, he’s adorable!!!


Abraham + Marci said...

Ya I gota say he is growing on me. My cousins little girl who is three kept asking her when baby baby was coming to her house and she finally figured out she ment the Justin Bieber CD:)

Amy North said...

Well, allow me to be the first to admit--I must not have a pulse. :) Not only does that song COMPLETELY annoy me (although I love most of your other 'B' artists), but I also was convinced for the longest time that this song was actually sung by a girl. Sorry Karen, I love ya like crazy, but this kid is weird, and I can't get into it. I applaud you for being proud of who you are, though. Bravo, bravo!

AnnP said...

The song was fine, but I also thought it was sung by a girl. He also looks like he is about 12. Maybe 13. It just makes it hard to take him seriously.

AnnP said...

P.S. We just watched the video and when it finished Catherine said, "Let's watch the silly song again!" So, coming from a three year old, Justin Bieber is silly.

Jodee Luke said...

you know what would make this video better? dressed up dancing cats in the background!

DeAnn said...

JB is a bad word in our house to Natalie and Megan--I think it's actually a younger crowd that likes him--Kindergarten - grade school. I love his music and have a blast dancing with Karen and Isaac when we play him.

Miranda said...

He is adorable. I played the video for Whitney and she jammed out.

Yours, Mine, &, Crazy Daisy said...

My girls--from 5 5o 14 love him. Since when is "sounding like a girl" a bad thing? Hello...Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, that Grayson/Ga Ga phenom anyone? I am never one to gravitate toward the boy bands or guys that tweens go nuts for but from what I've seen, this kid has legit skills!


Daniel Smith said...

The thing about the wholesome image that they portray is that it's all fake. Just like every other Disney-esque little kid star before him. Hannah montana, vanessa hudgins (sp?), britney spears, etc. It's all fake and they work these kids until they snap.

Parents like you think it's OK because they're "wholesome". Then they go crazy posting nude kiddie porn cell phone pics on the web, doing salvia, shaving their hair off.

Two years ago Hannah montana was every kids role model and then just like all the child stars before her she lost it. Dancing around on stripper poles and what not.

Do not think that kid is innocent. he's a 17yr old boy, his managers probably sneak him in drugs and alcohol and he's probably banging chicks left and right. he's young and horny and chicks are basically throwing themselves at him. If any guy was in his situation they'd be doing the same thing.

South Park did an excellent episode about Disney and how they sell sex to little girls by portraying a wholesome image.

Emmy said...

Almost 17? I thought he was like 14 :). Must admit I haven't really listened to his music much.

Lara said...

Don't worry. No one will start calling you Mary Kay Letourneau. ;-)

My 13-year old is in love with him. I will say, he's cuter than he used to be. And yes, some of his songs are WAY catchy!

Bushchicken said...

Sorry, Karen. I just don't see anything good in his muzak. I picked up his CD at the library on Weds just because of your recommendations, and I couldn't stand it. Sounds like every other piece of artificial crap I hear on the radio.

mom said...

Did you catch him on "Criminal Minds" last night? He did a good job as a psycho. He got blasted in the end. OOOps sorry i ruined it for you.

john said...

i love the bieber.

Ashley C. said...

okay, that was me, not john. but john loves the bieber too so its all good.

Melissa said...

I love your honesty! Seriously! I have a weak spot for JB, for a couple reasons: 1) my 2 daughters LOVE him, and 2)I still feel like I'm still that age sometimes- like my love for NKOTB was just yesterday. Plus, he seems like a great kid- and that boy can dance! However, my guilty pleasure is still definitely Taylor Lautner- HANDS DOWN!