Monday, April 25, 2011


I just love this picture of my girls! I love their dresses, their smiles, everything. I hope I can always find matching outfits for them!

zzDSC_2194 copy Easter was really fun this year. It was the first holiday that Summer really “got”. We’d been talking about the Easter Bunny and how he was going to come and bring eggs and surprises, and had FHE’s about Jesus and the real reason we celebrate.

We dyed eggs on Saturday and Summer was so confused as to why there wasn’t candy in them. And then she tried to crack one open like we do when we make cookies. This whole egg business is pretty confusing for a 2 year old!


Sunday morning I hid eggs before we let Summer out of her room so we could straight out and look for them. I only hid a few since we were having a bigger hunt later with our friends. She loved finding the eggs and would exclaim “CANDY!!” every time she found one.



I found these giant eggs at Hobby Lobby that I looooove. We decided to put all of her little presents in these huge eggs. It came with 3 that nest inside of each other. So, so awesome. The biggest one can hold a gallon of milk with room to spare. Check it out:


Look what hatched! (She was not a fan of this, btw!)DSC_2185

After the hunt we came inside and opened all the eggs. She got some chalk, bubbles, a coloring book, stickers, a toothbrush, bubble bath, some Barbie dresses and other little treats and candy.


She couldn’t wait to go outside and play with some of her new toys.


Meanwhile, Hannah found her basket hiding under a chair and containing just a stuffed elephant. She didn’t care, she loved it just the same.


We had 4 families over for a fabulous dinner. My friends are amazing cooks, and my waistline is evidence of that after yesterday! I made these little napkin/utensil carroty bundles that I saw on Our Best Bites. So cute!


We had our annual egg toss and Derrick and I won. Woo! But the prized Easter shaped pasta went to the runners up, the Johnson’s.

At one point I couldn’t find Summer during all the commotion. I finally found her with a bowl of strawberries going to town. Fine with me, considering she’d probably only had sugar the rest of the day. She was literally bouncing off the walls all day long. She was so crazy silly.


We had a great Easter weekend and it was so nice to spend it with our “family” here. Of course, the signs of rebirth and spring only reinforce the true meaning of Easter and the sacrifice made for us! So, so grateful.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Patten Family said...

I have to you realize that on three separate shopping trips together we created Summer's outfit? Lol. The tights from winter, the dress from a few weeks back and the shoes from last week. Wow...guess I really am at fault for all your spending (or so Derrick says). LOL They looked SO CUTE by the way!

Lara said...


But it seems a little "wrong" to be wearing a winter coat to hunt for EASTER eggs, non?


Abraham + Marci said...

I love the huge Easter Eggs. We got some last year. You will have to check my blog to see what I did with two of them this year. Your girls are so cute!

Emmy said...

Such cute dresses! That huge egg is awesome! I have never seen such a thing.

Lindsey said...

I love the pics!

Melissa said...

I literally laughed out loud when I saw Summer carrying that HUGE egg! That is hysterical!