Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Craft room redo

My craft room became the storage room for everything wet and random after our basement flooded last month. Ever since it happened, I’ve been in full on cleaning/purging mode. Closets, rooms, shelves, all of it. I want my entire house to be “binnified”, as my sister in law Kaylynn once called it when we all lived back in Provo. So far all the kids’ clothes are all neatly labeled in matching bins, and all the holiday bins are labeled and purged of old/dated decor. I’ve tossed old soaps and lotions and perfumes I’ll never use again. And finally, I was able to tackle the craft room!

I hung some pegboard that was lying around, bought some new storage containers, and pulled the futon up close. It’s more like a craft lounge! VIP only, baby! I’m sure you don’t really care about my craft room, but it makes me so, so, so happy to just be in there and have everything be so neat and organized and ready for some crafting.



The pegboard is my favorite. I picked up a few hooks at Wal-Mart but I think I need to go to Menards or Home Depot for a bigger selection. The scissors are actually in a thing that is supposed to be for screwdrivers. I put all my glitters in some glass jars I had.

DSC_2070 I seriously loved it so much I sewed a quick project just because.

I then moved onto the office, which never was put back together either. Diplomas are now hung and books on shelves.

Now for the rest of the house! If and when we ever do move someday, it should be a piece of cake to get it ready to sell! (And since it snowed today, on APRIL 19th, it may be sooner rather than later! Ridiculous!)


Caitlin said...

Jealous! (Not of the snow, but of the craft room . . . of course).

Patten Family said...

I LOVE IT! That's my girl!

Tamara said...

That is one beautiful craft room! You did well girlie!!

Maria said...

Summer is such a doll. I love the craft room!

The Laws said...

I am so insanely jealous of your craft room!

Lara said...

*Sigh* I lost my craft room coming here. I am very sad. :-( Yours is awesome.

Emmy said...

Very jealous! What an amazing space

Melissa said...

So amazing. I wish we lived closer so you could make all of my decor :)