Thursday, April 14, 2011


I haven’t done a post about Miss Summer in awhile. She is definitely becoming her own little person with her own ideas and opinions. It’s crazy that I can carry on a conversation with her. When did my little girl become such a big girl?

This child is obsessed with hair bands. I know she probably gets it from me since I have one permanently on my wrist. She is forever getting into the drawer in the bathroom that holds them all. The other day I found her with about a dozen on not her wrist, but on her ankle. It was turning a little purple by the time I found it!


She likes to channel her inner 80’s child as well. She waltzed into the kitchen and said “Mom! Look at me!!” She had put on my fuzzy socks and one of her headbands. Silly girl. I love this pose, too. DSC_1919Speaking of being silly, that’s one of her favorite phrases. If I ask her a trick question or she asks us one, she’ll say, “no, silly!” And the other day she asked me “What are you talking about?” Haha. Cracked me up.  

She loves slides. She can now climb up the rockwall on our playset all by herself, and the other day at the bouncy house she climbed up to the highest slide all by herself. She was so proud of herself! So was I! Her favorite is to go down the slide on her belly. She loves going to the Children’s Museum, and spends most of her time on this little slide here. DSC_1693 She still loves to drink, hitting the sippy as soon as she wakes up. I had to resort to insulated cups to keep her milk cold in between meals. You can see here a typical get-up: necklace, sippy, and balloon animal. (I wanted to learn how to make balloon animals so I did a few weeks ago. Who doesn’t love a balloon animal???)


She’s a big old cheese and wants to be in any picture I take of Hannah. She’s a great big sister and loves to entertain Hannah. She’s also very mothering. The other day we were all in the car and Hannah was fussing a little bit so Derrick said, “It’s ok Hannah. Close you eyes and take a nap.” So now any time we’re in the car and Hannah fusses, Summer says those exact words. It’s cute.

She loves to rock her babies in her arms. But her comforts aren’t limited to just dolls. Yesterday I caught her rocking and shushing a used dryer sheet, a lasagna noodle, and a bottle of shampoo. It’s pretty hilarious the things she wants to mother.  DSC_2048I’m always surprised when she talks in complete sentences. She knows all her colors. She loves to sing and does a pretty good job of carrying a tune and knowing lyrics. She loves having family night. She can put on her own shoes.

She’s at a pretty fun age right now, even though she is pretty sassy and demanding at times. Still, she’s pretty polite and always says please and thank you. Or thanks.

We sure do love her!

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Melissa said...

Summer is such a smart and beautiful little girl. I wish we lived closer so we could have our kids hang out. Oh, and Summer looks exactly like you in this last picture :)