Monday, May 09, 2011

Fun with food

I can’t believe I didn’t talk about this at Easter. Our first Easter in WI we learned about a tradition I’d never heard of before: butter lambs. It’s butter shaped like a lamb! I love butter, so of course I loved these. We bought one every year for our Easter dinner table. They never quite emerged from the plastic mold perfect, often losing a head or the base. But there it sat, never complaining when we mutilated it for our rolls. lambbutterA couple of months ago a lady at church said she knew how to make butter lambs and did anyone want to learn how?? Um, yes please!! So we met at her house and she showed us how to make them. And they are sooo much cuter than the store bought variety! Look at my little lamb!!

DSC_2067All you need are 2 sticks of butter and a fine mesh strainer. You better believe I’ll be making these every year from now on!

I’ve been mildly obsessed with decorating sugar cookies ever since I made cookies for Eagle Scouts. We had a talent show/display at church Friday night so I decided to bring some cookies. I don’t know that anyone really saw them, since all the kids grabbed them and ate them within seconds of putting it on the table. They were fun to make, but I didn’t realize until too late that the detail icing was a little to runny. Oh well. I tried a new cookie recipe too, which seemed to hold up better to decorating. Still tasted good, which is a plus. The baseballs were my favorite! These would be perfect for a little boy’s birthday party, right? Or end of the season sports party?


Now I need another reason to make some more!


Silvs said...

Holy crap, K. Your sugar cookies put everyone else's cookies to shame. Those are perfect. Plus, your hair is cute. Good job all around, super mom.

Nicholas said...

I must have those baseballs! Please show me how! Would be awesome at the Little League party!

PS I always hear your cookies are are right they disappear fast! Just an empty plate with a note card with your name and "sugar cookies" on the dessert table when I got there! :)

Lee Anne said...

Karen, those cookies are a work of art. How long does it take you to do that? And with two little ones in the house...very impressive!

WhitParks said...

Hmm, could you share your recipes and icing secrets? PLEEEASE? I will share any photography "secret" you wanna know about! Deal?