Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fun and fulfilling fall festivities!

Wow, could I be a crappier blogger right now?? Surely my absence is due the fact that we’re just out having so much fun leaving no time to blog about it!!

October has been quite the busy month for us, actually. There’s been something around every corner and I feel like I just can’t keep up! But behold, it’s nap time and for once I’m not joining in! I shall blog instead!

We started out the festivities with a trip to The Elegant Farmer, everyone’s favorite overpriced, yet adorably festive, apple orchard. We picked ourselves a half bushel of apples (which still remain uneaten), took a hayride, and spent the other 50% of our time in giant lines. The caramel apple pie baked in a paper bag keeps me coming back though!



The next weekend or so we hit up Jim’s Pumpkin Patch, which is just a few minutes from our house and we never even knew it existed!! It’s pretty small but quaint and you can get a hayride AND pick your own pumpkin on the cheap! So ride and pick we did.





We spent Family Night this week carving our newly acquired pumpkins. And my we, I mean me. Derrick does an excellent job of gutting them, but is not the steadiest hand at carving. Good thing he abandoned Medical School after the pass/fail preview seminar at BYU. (Side note….when I started dating him I thought I was getting into a doctor’s salary. I wound up with a Spanish major. But all’s well that end’s well…we are happily debt free!) Back to the pumpkins…The girls loved them and loved “helping”.




What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than raking up not only your fallen leaves, but the leaves from your neighbor’s tree? At least someone got to have a little fun out of it.   DSC_3676 Totally unrelated, but I can’t resist a half naked baby eating spaghetti. DSC_3648Not pictured:

  • the delicious and adorable treats we left on our friends’ doorstep (You’ve been Boo’d!) that I don’t think progressed past their own families. Oh well, we tried.
  • The calorie and fun laden annual pumpkin party, sparsely attended due to sickness but still a winner with those that showed up!
  • The insane amount of candy pumpkins I have been eating. They’re practically a vegetable, right?? (Fact: pumpkins are technically a FRUIT!)

Happy Fall!!


Becky said...

You guys are so cute! We went to Jim's Pumpkin Patch too. I'll be blogging about it soon because our experience was nothing like yours.

We are 3. said...

Thanks for the pictures of your girls!!! Hannah's hair is growing!! We miss you!

Samantha said...

They both look like little spitfires! Lots of personality! And PRETTY to boot!!!

Cynthia said...

I think about your pumpkin party every year. I wish I could still go. And yes Pumpkin candy is definitely a veggie, or at least they should be. :)