Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Wedding!

DC was awesome. But then, it always is. We did a TON of walking, and saw all the major sites. I’ll do a separate post on my own pics from touring, but here are just some of the pictures from the temple after the wedding. It was overcast and freezing that day, and rained the whole time except for the 45 minutes we were outside taking pictures. Miracle!!

I really could have used a ladder in some of these shots, but oh well. It is what it is at this point. I have a huge newfound appreciation for wedding photographers. Jennifer, I’m looking at you!!

Congrats to Hayley and Taylor!!


zDSC_2164  zDSC_3011 zDSC_2940 zDSC_2895 zDSC_2884 zDSC_2812 zDSC_2682  zDSC_2488 zDSC_2554


Bushchicken said...

You really did do a beautiful job! I would hire you. I liked the composition and the creativity. :)

Bushchicken said...

That last comment was from me Cynthia. Not Bushchicken. :)

Miranda said...

Looking good! I just realized that I was talking to the bride's sister the Sunday before you guys left while we were waiting to get temple recommends from the Stake President. I didn't put it together until now that you were both going to the same wedding.

Maria said...


Great job Karen.

Bushchicken said...

This one really is Bushchicken:

Nice job, Karen! Some very nice composed shots here.

Lara said...

They look great, Karen! I especially love the one with her dad! Super cute!

Lindsey said...

Awesome job! I would hire you too!

Jennifer Gilmore said...

Isn't that an awesome temple to shoot at? We thought there were cool spots there. :) I can't wait to chat with you when we see you again! Maybe you will come out here and go to a wedding with us. :) That would be fun! :) XO Good job cuz.