Tuesday, October 04, 2011


As you may or may not know, I have been “hired” as the wedding photographer for the lovely Hayley and her soon-to-be hubby Taylor. I do not claim to be a professional photographer, nor do I think I ever will. However, I guess I am cheaper than a real one and can provide adequate enough pictures to document arguably the MOST IMPORTANT DAY OF THEIR LIVES SO FAR!!!! *insert panicked scream here*

Yes, I’m totally freaking out. Losing my camera didn’t help things. I’ve been practicing and reading up on techniques and mostly just praying everything works out and I get some decent images for them.

And oh, did I mention the wedding is in DC?!?!

I’m totally stoked to go. I looove DC. Like, I want to marry it. We get to spend 2 days sightseeing and then the wedding is Wednesday morning and we fly back that evening to be back for the reception the next day. Next week will be an absolute whirlwind! Thankfully my mom is flying out to help watch the girls since Derrick has school and work and all the jazz. So you better believe I’ll be enjoying my solo flight and 3 days without kids! (Don’t worry, in their place I’ll be developing stress ulcers thinking about the wedding pictures.)

So anyway, I took Hayley’s bridals a couple weeks ago and she gave me permission to post them here. She’s gorgeous, so that makes them automatically amazing. I did a little post processing work-not much, since I don’t know much really-and I think we got some decent shots. I won’t bother you with my excuse that I had bought the camera that day and wasn’t 100% familiar with it.

zDSC_0277 zDSC_0475 zDSC_0474 zDSC_0323 zDSC_0203 zDSC_0053 DSC_0530edit

So, all of you pros out there, I know a lot of the mistakes I made, but if you have any constructive criticism or tips for the upcoming wedding, I’d really appreciate it!

Be gentle on me, please!


Maria said...


Great pictures! You are brave and talented of course. My friend Jenny is amazing at photography and she has some links on her blog to sites where you might get some helpful tips.

check them out

josieposie said...

I'm not pro that's for damn sure - but the best tip I have learned is to get a buddy and have he/she hold a reflector or even a white poster board if you don't want to buy one. Especially if the pictures are going to be taken during "bad" photo-taking-hours. So for pictures #4-5 the reflector would have directed light to her face where there is a shadow now. That's my two cents! You are brave woman. Make sure and bring plenty of SD cards!!!

AnnP said...

I'm definitely not a pro, but I did have one class. One tip I learned is that when you are having the focus of the picture off center, you should have them on the right side of the shot. We tend to look at pictures like we do books - we scan from left to right. When we get to what is the most important part of the picture we stop scanning. So, if the focus is on the left, we tend to ignore the right half of the picture. If the focus is on the right we end up scanning the entire picture, getting the entire effect you are aiming for. That's the best tip I have. I know you will do great, and they will be very happy.

josieposie said...

One more thing... I don't know what kind of lens you have but this site is amazing....


Lindsey said...

You're 100x better than the "professional" photographer I had for my wedding. My bridals looked like crap. Beautiful pics! You should come to the reception in Utah too... we'll be there :) Have fun in DC!

Becky said...

I love the pictures! Little things are easily fixed with editing later, but composition can't be edited. You have a natural talent because the composition is good in all of them. Hope that makes sense. You'll do great; just have fun!

Samantha said...

You did a great job! I like them b/c they are not cheesy and typical like a lot of professional photos can be unfortunately. Nice job!