Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Potty Party!

I feel like we’ve finally jumped the last hurdle in potty training Summer: pooping in the toilet. She consistently will go when she needs to in the toilet, and half the time I have no idea she went until she’s yelling for me to come wipe her. Hallelujah. I was sick of changing poopy pull-ups. She’s known her prize for going poop in the potty was a trip to Build-a-Bear and she was so excited to finally go. I’ll admit…I was too!

It really was fun. They make your kid feel so special and excited and include them in every step. The whole time I was practically dying of cuteness.

She picked out a white bear with multi-colored hearts all over it. She named her Pixie, although I’m preeeety sure she was trying to say “sexy” (have no idea where she would have learned that word…seriously). We helped her change it to Pixie though. This may cause confusion however, since our Elf on the Shelf is also named Pixie. Hmmm….

Anyway, I’m sure you all know the process: stuff the bear, kiss the heart and give it a wish and put it in the bear, sew it up, give it a bath, buy expensive clothes for it. She loved every minute of it.






We are so proud of her!! She was a complete stinker about it for so long. So stubborn. But we always knew she could do it and she finally did! Goodbye diapers, hello cute undies!


And just for fun, Hannah thoroughly enjoying her ravioli. Maybe ravioli sauce is really a great conditioner, and only she knows the secret?



Katie said...

Yogurt must be really good for your hair too, all my kids have tried it... multiple times! And it is always a Fabulous day when the diaper bill is cut in half!

Silvs said...

Your girls are so darling. Time to start popping more out!

Nicki said...

Funny thing. We have the same bear, though didn't name it Pixie or sexy. FYI, because it's white, it gets dirty easy. I don't know if they told you but we learned that Build A Bear recommends taking out the stuffing for washing, washing just the outside, and they will restuff for free.

DeAnn said...

Yay for Summer. Isaac took forever too so I can relate. Hopefully Hannah will be a cinch!

Melissa said...

I LOVE how happy Summer looks in that second picture! So cute! And that ravioli picture is perfect :)