Saturday, December 10, 2011

Recent Faves

A Costco just opened near us a couple months ago (and by near us I mean still 20 minutes away) so of course we bought a membership. We have a Sam’s Club membership too but it’s kind of in the hood and go there only like once a month if I have to. Let’s just say I’ve been to Costco twice just this week. Besides the cheap milk, cheese, fruit, chicken, and free samples, one of my most favorite Costco things is their Kirkland wrapping paper. SO AMAZING. I think they only make it in Christmas patterns which I’m so sad about because if I had my way it’d be the only wrapping paper I ever use for the rest of my wrapping life. I might even resort to wrapping gifts all year long in Christmas wrapping paper just because it’s so awesome. What makes it so awesome, you ask? Well, first off it’s reversible. Which is perfect for me because I have two kids, and Santa wraps their presents in their own wrapping paper, so I only needed one roll for that. It’s also super thick. Definitely no thin paper you can see through—no present peeking!! You get a ton. Like 800 yards or something ridiculous like that. Seriously, it’s huge. I’m thinking of keeping a roll next to my bed in case I need it for self defense, it’s that big and heavy. Pretty sure Santa will be using the same wrapping paper for the girls until they leave for college. And the best part? All of this for only TEN BUCKS! Super cute patterns, too. If you haven’t started wrapping your Christmas presents yet, I’d run and grab some. Use your other stuff to fuel a fire on Christmas Eve.

Next: The Laughing Cow cheese wedges. I had these at my friend Laura’s house a couple weeks ago and I’m totally hooked. They are a soft spreadable cheese, and the perfect midday snack with some crackers. Yum. Laura says she spreads it on her sandwiches sometimes instead of mayo. Gonna have to try that. And in case you’re not a swiss fan, I don’t think it tastes very Swissy…much more mild.

laughingcowFor those with kids, my last fave is the Portable North Pole. It’s a video message from Santa to your child! You fill out a questionnaire and you get a personalized message! He says the name, you can upload pictures of important events from the past year, he talks about gifts if you want and in Summer’s, he says, “you’ve been asked to be extra nice to your sister”. So, so cute. And FREE! Summer loves “talking to Santa” and I’m pretty sure she thinks she’s actually Skyping with Santa. She’ll nod and talk back to him like he’s really talking to her. It’s pretty awesome.

That’s it for now! Anybody have any new favorites?


Linda said...

I am so happy to be the one to let you know that they do indeed sell birthday patterns. Reversible as well. I'm not sure if it's a special buy or what, but I got mine there last year. I love it too. I buy the four pack for Christmas and while it's not reversible it has lines on the inside to help you cut straight and I'm just starting to finish off the rolls from last year. It's fabulous stuff!

Lara said...

Oh. Wait until you try the pink package. It's called "light Garlic & Herb" and it is TDF.

Maria said...

I think our kids are even brainwashed to love Costco. It doesn't hurt that we are at Costco headquarters here in Issaquah. Anyway, you have to try the Kirkland pulled pork!! We have a ton in our freezer (it isn't sold in the frozen section just refridgerated). We serve it as sliders (using the rhoads frozen rolls) with some BBQ sauce. Super easy and Super yummy. Their milk has so much more flavor then the cheap kind at the local stores. We like the frozen meatballs too (Kirkland brand). . . Hmm I will have to make a list to email you. :)


Becky said...

Garlic & Herb is my favorite too! Thanks for the tip on the wrapping paper. We're Costco junkies, but I had no idea! Last, but not least.. Lauren loves her Santa message. It's so impressive! She talks back to him too. So funny!