Monday, January 09, 2012

Christmas Day

Christmas Day was a little different since it fell on a Sunday and we had church at 9. We didn’t even touch presents until after we got home, at like 10:30. I snapped a quick picture of the girls and (and Derrick) in their Christmas dresses then we all changed back into our jammies and tackled the tree. The girls had a blast opening their presents, especially Summer. She did a great job retrieving and delivering gifts to their rightful owners, and then tried to open it for them!


All Summer asked Santa was for baby bottles for her bear, Pixie, and “Hello Kitty stuff”. Santa delivered, and she was thrilled. She also got a digital camera, which she carries everywhere, lots of games, a Hello Kitty puzzle and DVD, markers, gum (which was gone within 24 hours), chapstick, and books. Hannah got a little pillow pet, which she adores and hugs all the time, bubble bath, a puzzle, a See n Say, and her own little camera. They both had a lot of fun playing with their new toys, and it took quite awhile for us to open everything, which made Christmas seem a little longer, which is always nice. DSC_4619DSC_4607 DSC_4605As usual, Derrick did great with the list I gave him. :) I got a super sharp, awesome chef’s knife, and now I look for any opportunity to chop stuff up. It’s amazing how a good knife can make all the different in your prep work! I also got a watch, a laminator/book binder (which I bought for myself, ha), a P Touch labeler (I’ve labeled everything!!), socks (which I seem to always need), and my friend Sara got me a Cricut Cake! It’s amazing! I used it to make Summer’s birthday cupcakes…post coming soon! I got Derrick a new pilot’s case, dress shoes, sweaters—you know, all boring Dad stuff.

The sister missionaries came over to Skype with their parents and then later we went over to the Spencer’s for a delicious dinner with our good friends the Chaplin’s and O’Brien’s and 2/3 of the Woolf’s. It was really a great day overall. Not as loud and crazy as what we’re usually used to with the Callister side, but I think it was just perfect. Having amazing friends that are practically family make living away from blood relatives so much easier. I’m so glad I could spend this Christmas with my Wisconsin family!

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heidi678 said...

Love the Christmas cards on the tree...what an awesome idea. I can't help but notice the awesome Costco wrapping paper. Glad to hear you had such a wonderful Christmas!