Sunday, January 08, 2012

Christmas Eve

We usually travel to one of our families for Christmas but decided to stay in WI this year. The only other time we’ve stayed here for Christmas was in 2008 when I was pregnant with Summer and couldn’t travel. And then I worked PM’s Christmas Eve and Christmas so it didn’t even really feel like Christmas anyway. I thought I would be bummed that we weren’t going anywhere, but I wasn’t. I LOVED IT. I loved not traveling with 2 kids during the holiday rush. I loved not having to plan gifts that would fit in a suitcase and plan on brining more home. I loved sleeping in my own bed, and more importantly, having my kids sleep in their own beds. I loved creating our families traditions and memories in our own home.

Christmas Eve we had our friends the Spencer’s and Johnson’s over for dinner. We had a delicious prime rib with sides which we enjoyed while a fire crackled nicely in the fireplace. (Our first fire since we’ve lived here! Totally addicted now.) We did a nativity with the kids, which pretty much meant they roamed around wearing towels while Derrick read out of Luke 2.


After everyone left we let the girls open their Christmas Eve present--pajamas, of course! Summer absolutely loved hers…I’ve never seen her get so excited about anything—she jumped up and down hugging them and exclaiming “thank you SO MUCH!!” Then we put out cookies and carrots of Santa and Rudolph. Derrick totally one-upped me and got pj’s for me too. They are the softest, warmest, pajama pants ever. It’s like my whole lower body is getting a hug. I wish I could wear them all day, everyday.

It was really a magical night, and as we filled stocking and put out gifts I could not have been any happier or more content or more filled with the Christmas spirit than I was that night. Summer’s excitement over Santa coming, her acknowledgment Jesus’ birthday and the celebration of Him, and being in my home with my family and friends was the perfect combination.


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Melissa said...

Oh, I love your girls matching jammies! I am glad you had a great Christmas!