Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Pre-Christmas Festivities

I really feel like we got our share of Christmas activities in this year. We tried to do something Christmas-y every day, whether it was a craft, of some baking, or just driving around looking at lights. Most of the time these activities left me with warm fuzzies and an overflowing of Christmas spirit. Other times, like when I tried to make cookies with Summer, I just wanted to drop-kick her and wondered why the heck I even attempt to do things like that with her. But overall when I look back at December I think only happy thoughts.

Last year Summer was terrified of Santa. This year was the complete opposite, all thanks to one Santa at Bayshore who gave her a candy cane. Ever since then, Santa was “so nice!” We saw him twice at Mayfair, once at Kohl’s corporate, and once at Enchantment at the Park. Hannah, on the other hand, hated him. Every time.  She even hated sweet Mrs. Claus!


We went up to the Washington County Fairgrounds where you can drive through and check out their light display. It’s not the most amazing display ever but it was worth the drive and the bag of canned goods we took as payment. After you drive through you can park and visit Santa in his little village where you can play in the hay and on slides and stuff. It was pretty cold but Summer had a blast and instead of paying $2 for a cup of watered down hot chocolate we made our own when we got home and munched on treats our friends brought us. I love outings like that with my family—so fun. Spending time with them and having fun makes all the crapstatic moments worth it.

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Ligia said...

I totally hear ya on the baking shannanigans. Every time I bake with my little girl I have to repeat out loud, a thousand times, "it's okay to leave a mess. It's okay if the whole cannister of flour is dropped on the ground. It's okay if she added an extra cup of sugar b/c 'that side of the bowl looked lonely and needed more.' " oh, and cute Christmas card. I'll have you know that my mother was looking at my display o cards and when she came to yours said, "Ella debe ser Latina. Es Bonita.". So there you have it Karen, you're Bonita!

Bushchicken said...

crapstatic? Or craptastic?

Love the imagery of you drop-kicking a 3-year old with cookies and Christmas music in the background!

Lee Anne said...

Love their Christmas dresses. So pretty.