Sunday, January 29, 2012

Complete and utter randomness

I don’t really have much to say, and not really a lot of pictures either. We’ve been pretty busy lately, but I’m not sure with what! Life is crazy like that sometimes, right?

It snowed last weekend and Summer was dying to go out and play in it. Good thing that’s what dads are for! She had a blast, and then promptly got a sinus infection and an ear infection. They tried building a snowman but it was horrible snow for that, but apparently good enough snow for our snowball makers which were thrown at me. (My cousin Amanda sent me the snowball makers…and they are super awesome!)


Summer and Hannah fight like cats and dogs. Seriously, I feel like I am pulling one off of the other all day long. So when I catch glimpses of them acting like they love each other, I have to take advantage of it. DSC_4923

Hannah thinks she’s hot stuff now that she can walk. It was like she just decided overnight that she would start walking and now she never stops. I love the beginning walking stage, with hands up high and the unsteady waddle. It’s already fading, how sad.

She thinks she’s pretty funny, too. I found her like this the other day and then she stayed like that and said “Cheese!” while I took her picture. DSC_4961I’ve decided to try my hand (foot?) at running again. At the recommendation of my friend Tamara I went to Performance Running Outfitters and had my food mapped and videotaped and fitted for a proper running shoe. OH.MY.GOODNESS. I know this probably is no news to you, but what a difference!! All I had ever known was running up and down the aisles at Kohl’s or wherever and deciding that it “felt good”. Turns out I over pronate like crazy—practically running on my ankles! I tried on like 8 or 9 different pair of shoes before finding a super supportive one, and then needing orthotic inserts on top of that! But let me tell you…running is now amazing for me. I feel so great. No more sore knees, ankles, nothing. I literally feel like I could run forever. I’ve always wanted to run a half marathon but thought I just had too bad of knees to do it. Turns out I just had bad shoes! I’m planning on running Crazylegs again in April and then we’ll see how the half marathon plan is looking. Who knows, maybe I’ll be knocked up by then? Anyway, I highly recommend this place. If you’re local and need a new pair of running shoes, definitely go there.   

Latest obsession: Downton Abbey. A few weeks ago it was all over Facebook…practically all my friends were talking about it and I had no idea what it was. Thank you Netflix and now I’m completely caught up and totally hooked. It’s on PBS and I didn’t think I’d really like it but after the first episode I was in looove! Check it out if you like mystery, suspense and intrigue! Ok, not really, but it does have some pretty good drama. And really because I need more people to talk about it with me.

And with that, it’s on now and I need to go watch it!


Patten Family said...

I love how Hannah reminds me of those sad commercials where the duck is stuck in the 6-pack plastic component that was floating at sea. Too funny. She is a cutie!

Sarah said...

Karen that is so funny because I just went and got specially fitted running shoes for Christmas and they are amazing! I seriously can run 10 miles without my feet and legs feeling sore. What a difference they make and I don't know how I ever ran before them.

Caitlin said...

I am a Downton addict too!!

DeAnn said...

I got Season 1 on DVD for Christmas--had no idea what it was, but after the facebook chatter (like you), I watched it and couldn't stop.

And I'm so going to Performance Running Outfitters when we get back to Wisconsin.

BTW, Natalie and Megan fought all the time. It worried me, but they eventually started playing with each other more than fighting with each other.

Melissa said...

I really enjoyed your "random" post. Your girls are beautiful! I hear ya on the fighting. Breanna and Bradley are the same way and it breaks my heart and makes scream and swear! I try to remember that they are growing quickly and some day (probably when they are adults) they will get along. My fingers (and toes) are crossed. Oh and btw, I hope you are "knocked up" by then! ;)